Rocketship Education, Helping Nashville See Their Point Of View

For parents whose children attend charter schools in Nashville, they are aware that there has always been a negative stigma with charter schools that comes from the public school board of Nashville. Most of the times, public schools are not fond of charter schools because charter schools lower the enrollment of the public schools. Because of this, many public schools have been forced to shut down. Parents of children who attend charter schools were left no choice but to write a letter to the board of education to share their feelings with them after a negative comment was made from their team. Shawn Joseph is the Director of Metro Nashville Public Schools school board. Dr. Joseph recently made a comment that shocked the whole city of Nashville. His comment basically stated that all charter school’s foundation is unstable.

Many people were shocked from this comment, especially since it came from another school board professional. Many people are aware of how most public schools feel about charter schools but no one thought that a hateful comment like this would be published. Even though many people were offended by the comment, not many people took a stand against it publicly.

It had to take for a strong group of parents of kids who attend charter schools to get together and write a letter to Metro Nashville Public Schools school board. The parents were very nice and professional in the letter. The letter was signed by over 300 parents and they were demanding the respect that they believe that they should be receiving.

Some of these parents come from the charter school of Rocketship Education. Rocketship Education is the perfect example of an amazing school. Rocketship Education has taken a unique approach with learning and with targeting a certain type of neighborhood and kid. This charter school has been opened for more than 10 years now. They strive to service children who are underprivileged. Rocketship Education has changed the lives of many children who they have serviced. The Metro Nashville Public Schools school board needs to acknowledge charter schools for reasons like this, it’s only fair!