Savvy Christian Broda, Economic Expert

Christian Broda is considered to be one of the most brilliant economic professional these days. Christian Broda is a highly intelligent person. He is an economist that has the ability to make predictions and forecasts about the economic system that have been very beneficial. He was born in Argentina. He has been employed by the Federal Reserve, Barclays Investment Bank, Lehman Brothers, and the University of Chicago. At present, Mr. Broda is the managing director of Duquesne Capital Management located in New York City. It is a highly respected company that does a great deal of work in significant parts of the business economy.


According to Oxford Journals, Christian Broda in 1997 acquired his Bachelor’s degree in Argentina from the Universidad de San Andres. Right after graduating, he relocated to the United States and enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2001, his determination made it possible for him to receive a Doctor of Philosophy in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


After college, Christian Broda‘s career started at the Federal Reserve where he worked for a number of years. After leaving the Federal Reserve he became a Professor for five years at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business in which he taught various courses. In 2008, Christian Broda worked as the Head of International Research for Lehman Brothers and a Chief International Economist at Barclays Investment Bank. For the past seven years, he has held a remarkably respected placement as the Managing Director for Duquesne Capital Management.

Generally, Christian has had an incredibly accomplished career in the industry on Economics and Financial Planning. His education and experience have served him very well and continue to enable him to be a success in his latest position. His overall research that he conducts has a strong focus on subjects such as Economics, International Trade, and Finance. Broda will continue to be an advantage in the world of Economics for many years to come.