The future of Investment Banking with Madison Street Capital

You could be wondering what an investment bank does. Investment banks have several functions ranging from dealing with mergers and acquisitions, raising capital, to security underwriting. The investment banking industry has undergone various changes since the 2008 financial crisis which led to the collapse of many financial institutions and a prolonged recession.

The Dodd-Frank Act, which emerged from the 2008 financial crisis, can be deemed to be the most substantial legislation that helped in improving the regulatory framework that significantly contributed to the financial crisis. The Act increased capital requirements and brought private equity firms, hedge funds as well as other investment companies to be considered as part of the “shadow banking system.”

At the time of the financial crisis, pure investment banks were forced to transform themselves into bank holding companies for them to be bailed out by the government funds.

Investment Banking Prospects

In 2010, the industry advisory fees were about $84 billion globally. This was the highest recorded figure since 2007. The future of investment banking not certain however since the industry still faces some significant post-crisis effects.

According to industry watchers, investment banks may start laying off its workers in the coming months as a result of the struggle with slowdown and placid markets. Some firms are already taking action such as Credit Suisse. The firm sent a memo to its investment banking division informing on the possibility of potential job cuts.

There are prospects of possible reduction of 10 percent in the average headcount across the investment banking industry in Europe in 2016.

At the beginning of 2016, the industry faced a weak start which has seen most banks in Europe record a go-slow in hiring employees. Most experts suggest that European banks, in particular, should focus more on “selective hiring” of their senior investment bankers who can help them in generating revenue. These banks need to do so to ensure they claw back the market share they have lost to Wall Street firms.

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm with global operations in financial advisory and valuation services, financial opinions, as well as merger and acquisition solutions. The global company runs various industry sectors across the world including Private Debt Placements, M&A transactions, Valuation, and Capital raising. Some of the firm’s clients are small to middle market business organizations in the U.S, fruitful and established firms that seek growth, international companies expanding its operations into the U.S, and international companies seeking capital providers in the U.S.

The investment banking firm has a team of experienced professionals who have exceptional knowledge and extensive relationships that enable them to effectively arrange the most suitable financing structure for the client’s situation. This makes Madison Street Capital a significant leading provider and premier middle market firms in investment banking. The firm has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and has offices across Africa, Asia, and North America.

Investment Banking with Madison Street Capital

Investment banking is a sophisticated sector traditionally carrying out financial advisory work. For instance, a big company might ask for the bank’s help if it intends to borrow some capital in the bond market, purchase another company or float itself on the volatile stock market. In this circumstance, the investment bank such a Madison Street Capital, will act as an independent adviser or pretty much like an accountant or a solicitor, using its superior expertise to assist its client in return for a fixed fee.


Nonetheless, investment banks are involved in other things quite different from being just a financial dealer or adviser. They deal directly with the financial markets for their own account. For starters, they advise sellers and buyers on negotiations, business valuations, structuring and pricing of transactions involved in mergers and acquisitions.


Secondly, they’re involved in sales, trading and equity research, matching up buyers and sellers as well as buying and selling securities out of their accounts to facilitate the trading of bonds.


Thirdly, in addition to offering important functions such as mergers & acquisitions advisory typically regarded as ‘front office’ functions, investment banks offer financial control, corporate treasury, risk management, corporate strategy, operations and technology, and compliance as critical ‘back office’ functions.


Fourthly, following the cancellation of the Glass-Steagall in 2000, investment banks can now offer traditional off-limits amenities such as loans in commercial banking.


Madison Street Capital is one such investment bank that provides financial advisory services, financial opinions, mergers and acquisitions, and valuation services to private and publicly held business enterprises. Through its broker, Madison Street Capital-BD, LLC and a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FIRA), the firm is committed to providing the highest level of professional standards. Learn more:


The firm operates segments that are widely distributed across the world. These segments engage on private debt placement, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, fairness and solvency, restructuring, capital raising and ESOP advisory.


Merger and acquisitions can be quite complex considering that there has to be an agreement between buyers and sellers, and that this agreement is predicted with the highest level of trust. For Madison Street Capital, they perform an extensive analysis of their clients’ considerations and competitive landscape, then formulate and implement accretive transactions.


Madison Street Capital pool of professionals have represented dozens of private and public companies, as well as special committees, shareholders, and boards. The company represents firms in pretty much all industrial sectors including real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, aviation, construction, media, construction and engineering, IT, wholesale and retail, and consumer goods and services among others.


The company target firms with a revenue record above $10 million, with a quantifiable reputation of performance and growth or with an EBITDA of over $1 million to $50 million profit levels.

George Soros Ukraine

Imagine living in a world where you need to pay bribes just to get to the grocery store. Sadly, the European country of Georgia had problems not unlike this one in 2004. The traffic police were hated for their seemingly arbitrary stopping of motorists to collect hefty fees and fines. Thankfully, Mikheil Saakashvili, the man who became the new president of Georgia in 2004, put an end to this practice. The result was a better country. Today, Ukraine is not unlike Georgia. There are bribes that need to be paid in order to possess a driver’s license. Ukraine needs a leader similar to Mikheil Saakashvili.

The stakes are high for a powerful leader to arrive in Ukraine. However, this leader must arrive through the Ukrainian democracy. Admittedly, the democracy in Ukraine is a slow moving one. However, if one leader or a collection of leaders can arise, they can counteract an aggressive presence from Putin. In Russia, Putin is on a countdown until he will be held responsible for Russia’s mounting economic problems. In this small window, he will strive to counteract any positive leadership in Ukraine. If Ukrainians can be convinced they are unable to solve their own problems, they will inevitably turn towards to Putin. To make matters worse, Putin is willing to help solve those problems in Ukraine with military force. Western powers will need to do everything they can to help Ukrainian leaders and to counteract any temptation for Ukraine to fall into Russia’s arms.

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This commitment from Western powers won’t be cheap and won’t come easily. To promote investment and to help Ukraine defend itself militarily, at least $15 billion will need to enter the country. This amount of money certainly can’t come from one individual. Even George Soros, an individual with wealth and a massive amount of generosity, can’t make that happen alone. However, a man like George Soros can be a leader through drawing attention to Ukraine’s mounting plight. This is something Soros continues to do, and he often puts his money where his mouth is. The question is whether or not other individuals and governments will follow his illuminating example.

The fate of the European Union is also at stake. Ukraine must be convinced to accept the economies and cultures of Western powers. If Ukraine is lured away to Russia through better offers of support or a perception of indifference from Western powers, it will hobble the European Union. Remember, Putin is no friend to the European Union. He can and will turn Ukraine against it.

Those living in Western powers should consider how much they would chafe to live in a country that required bribes to obtain a driver’s license. Afterwards, they should consider how much they would be willing to escape such a situation. People are willing to accept good and evil liberators. That is why it is so important to to invest in Ukraine. This will let those people know the good liberators are prepared to truly help and defend Ukraine.

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How Laidlaw & Company Can Help with Investment Needs

Investment banking is beneficial for both individuals and business owners alike. The only problem with making investment decisions is that it can be difficult to know which ones are going to work and which ones you might want to avoid. It can also be difficult to keep track of the investments that you are making, allowing you to feel confident in the decisions that you have made. This is why using the Laidlaw & Company is a great option for anyone who needs help with their investment banking.

Laidlaw & Company is one of the top investment banks in the world and is currently being used by tens of thousands of people with great success. The wonderful thing about using the Laidlaw & Company is that they will walk you through the process of making an investment and then managing those investments for you. Once you make the decision that it is time to invest, this will save you lots of time and enable you to feel confident about where your money is going. It can be difficult to invest on your own, so having this type of help will definitely allow you to reach your goals.

While you can easily invest on your own, this may come out with a result that is less than desirable. Also, you want to know that those investments are managed by a professional who is going to be able to help you out. Once you choose the right company like Laidlaw & Company, they will work with you to getting you the investment options needed and allow you to finally find what is right for your financial needs. This is great for both professionals who own companies as well as individuals who just need a little bit of help with all of their investments.

James Dondero is confident in Argentina

The past economic downturn made people extremely wary of the stock market, but the growth in recent years has made lead to a resurgence in the popularity of the stock market. Keeping a diverse portfolio is an important strategy that can lead to long-term financial independence, but you need to stay up-to-date on the news to truly benefit from your investments.

Argentina is a new player in the bond market. For years, Argentinian bonds were not available, and the world longed for the opportunity to invest in this country. Argentina is looking to raise $12 billion in the bond market. This money will help the country invest in itself, and continue to grow. Some buyers might avoid Argentina, and instead choose to invest in larger countries, but many high profile names have already announced their intention to invest in Argentina. Highland Capital is the biggest name to endorse investing in Argentina.

Highland Capital has always been a major holder of Argentinian bonds, and they seem even more confident in the country now. The leader of Highland Capital, James Dondero, recently announced that the company likes the price offered by Argentina and the price the bonds are likely to trade for on the market. James is especially confident given how Argentina compares to other Latin American countries. Early yields will be around 8 percent and long-term yields will stay around 6 percent. Highland capital should be a major buyer in the next release of Argentinian bonds.

James Dondero is one of the leading minds in the financial industry. He is extremely well trained and made a great deal of money in the nineties. He founded Highland Capital in the early nineties, and quickly found himself innovating new financial products. He helped created the Collotarized Loan Obligation, the CLO. This new financial product tied several debts together allowing investors to make more money. Highland became the top company in the CLO market and James Dondero became quite successful. James later innovated several different financial products, including hedge funds, REITs, ETFs, and private equity funds. These products were extremely popular and made both James and his investors a great amount of money. James and Highland Capital Management continued to grow throughout the 2000s and today Highland considered one of the most successful companies in Dallas.

Argentina is going to issue new bonds soon and James Dondero will invest heavily in the country.

How Does Martin Lustgarten’s Investment Advice Work?

Martin Lustgarten’s investment advice works for everyone because it is a global philosophy. It is something that takes people from part of the world to another easily, and it points them to the things that will actually make them money. Mr. Lustgarten is going to show people that they can be international investors. They need a broker, but they can do exactly what he is doing with his own money.


Mr. Lustgarten starts by not being afraid to work around the globe. He is an Austrian and a Venezuelan, and he is sure that he will be able to show people that there are great places around the world to invest their money.


Mr. Lustgarten travels the whole world with his dual citizenship, and he learns about all the places that someone will be able to spend their money. He has his own portfolio that is pretty interesting, and he shares information from that to make sure that he is giving people the best information possible. Someone who is following the patterns that Mr. Lustgarten uses is going to have more success, and he knows that.


The next step in all investments is to keep looking for ways to make things a little better. Someone who is doing their research will find out one day that the gold market in France is brilliant or that the British pound is a great thing to invest in. Staying in just one country for investing makes no sense, and everyone who is successful has their money sitting all over the world.
Martin Lustgarten will help anyone who has worries about their money, and how shows them how to be international investors. He shares info from his portfolio, and he helps people make decisions. His advise is great because it shows people that they can make these decisions on their own, and it empowers them to make their own money. Check out his Soundcloud page to see what music he’s been listening to.