David Giertz offers profound financial advice to Floridians

Giertz is the president of distribution and sales at the Nationwide Financial Distributors. He compiled a research that was backed up by the Nationwide financial retirement institute. Its conclusions were that individuals do not seek advisory about their social security. This is a very important aspect which most advisors neglect talking to their clients about. He also added that the survey also found out that 4 out of 5 people will change their advisors if they were not talking to them about social security. Giertz is of the opinion that most advisors might avoid talking to clients about social security because it is a complex topic. David Giertz believes that understanding the rules for social security and building confidence around them is very important for financial advisors. David recommends that financial advisors should take a keen interest in social security. As a financial advisor, David Giertz believes that to optimize the retirement income of a client’s social security is very vital.

Age is a significant factor to consider on the subject of social security benefits. The pensions that our grandparents and parents had is disappearing and it is essential to come up with a retirement income plan that optimizes social security. A high percentage of those retired are receiving pension less than they expected and the number grows yearly. According to a study conducted, most people who are 50 years of age especially those that are yet to go for retirement could not identify the factors that determined their social securities. Though one is eligible for benefits of social security at age 62, it’s good to wait or delay the benefits until the full retirement age. This age ranges from 65 to 67 years depending on the year of birth. It is essential to understand that the benefits are reduced when they are taken out before full retirement age. If you also delay taking your benefits after full retirement age, they grow by 8% of the total amount every year.

The social security benefits are also taxed. This mainly happens when one has not attained full retirement age. However, once one attains full retirement age, the income is not reduced by taxation. It is likely that most people may start using their social security earlier than the full retirement age. This might be due to unexpected life events such as sickness. In a study, it was found out that 37% of retirees do not live through retirement as expected due to health conditions. Those with financial advisors are less likely to experience these hardships during retirement.

Sage Shervin Pishevar’s Storm of Tweets about 2018’s U.S. Economy

Shervin Pishevar is a venture capitalist who helped launched major brands, and he co-founded Virgin’s Hyperloop. On February 5, the investor in Uber, Airbnb and Postmates shared his thoughts about the state of the U.S. economy through his Twitter account, @Shervin.


6,000 Points


Pishevar’s first tweet was inspired by early-February hiccups in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. He forecast an extensive, slow downturn. “I expect a 6000-point drop in aggregate in the months ahead,” he stated. Over the next 21 hours, Shervin Pishevar added related tweets under his first and built a 50-tweet thread.


Volatile Financial Instruments


Pishevar was concerned by the American stock market’s volatility indices. He called them the tail wagging the dog, and he wrote that these financial instruments can lead to the type of risky investing that allowed 2008’s Great Recession. Further, he decried exchange-traded funds.


Popularly known as ETFs, these tools enable less-savvy investors to buy one stock managed by a Wall Street veteran who spreads the fund’s pool across a diverse set of industries. Shervin Pishevar is not a fan of ETFs. “24 ETFs with a combined market cap of nearly $6 billion. The inverse ETFs are over $3 billion of that and are at essentially zero overnight,” he lamented.


Entrepreneurs without Borders


Continuing, the venture capitalist criticized the U.S.’s faith in its tech-field competitive advantage. He tweeted, “As I’ve said before, Silicon Valley is no longer a physical place but an idea that’s gone viral. Entrepreneurship is a movement. Borderless!”


1,500 Builders


Pishewar then showed how the U.S. trails China in the tech economy. He shared a story from SCMP News about a large train station built in Longyan by 1,500 workers in nine hours. “Meanwhile,” he tweeted, “our infrastructure is in tatters.” See This Page for more information


The Coming Shift


Further, Shervin Pishevar forecast a once-in-ten-centuries shift that cryptocurrencies could bring. “That shift has to do with a revolution in stateless digital currencies unleashed across the globe over the next couple decades,” he stated.


Nations prepared for that revolution have a chance at success in this century. The unprepared ones could fade from the global economic stage.