Kamil Idris Address The Intellectual Property Law Between China And U.S

First Hague Peace Conference was established in 1899 which is the Permanent Court of Arbitration. It is referred to as an international legal body that is prestigious and where a respected man Kamil Idris is a member. The aim of Permanent Court of Arbitration is to ensure it has provided resolution to international disputes. Kamil Idris once served at World Intellectual Property Organization also known as WIPO from 1997 to 2008 as the Director-General.

When Kamil Idris was discussing intellectual property rights, he used the current war that is between Chinese and United States. The manufacturers from China are said to be benefiting from coping goods that had been manufactured by the western world. Most of US business entrepreneurs have gone out their businesses because China has copied their proprietary products which are now being sold globally costing a fraction of what they used to cost. The president of US, Donald Trump has cried out. The United States is now planning to slap the tariffs of the export products from China worth $100 billion. The tariffs will become enforced until China itself and its manufacturers feel the pressure. It seems Trump is forcing Chinese government so that it can enforce IP protections of its own. It is a plan that can even backfire.

According to Scott Kennedy who is the economic analyst and works in Center for Strategic and also international Studies has a belief that China will need economic pressure before they can agree to ensure they have made the concessions. He is worried that Trump might not have done enough which will lead to the agreement with Chinese. He sees trump fighting tough instead of giving a smart fight. Most of the experts from China believe that intellectual property law is now getting slowly better after the rhetoric emanation that is from Trump’s camp. They have now realized that when copying software and movies from the west was not a bad idea as it seems not to be. Initially, movies and the software pirating idea was being regarded as stealing from the western world.

China expert who works in an investment company called Mathew Asia, Andy Rothman recently referred the thought that used to say that it was illegal to transfer technology and was a big problem which was according to the American Chamber of Commerce that is located in Beijing, China. In early times, when one entered a drug store he could get fake drugs but today you will get from their manufacturers.