Law Officials Help Family Heal After Killer Clown Strikes Many Years Ago

Nearly 41 years ago, a Minnesota teen went missing. It was a hot August evening in 1976 when 16 year old James Haakenson went missing. He was later identified through the use of various modern techniques in science as well as good detective work.

It was during the years 1972 and 1978 that the Killer Clown was responsible for a large number of killings. This started out as one of the biggest and well known cases of serial killers within the United States.

John Gacy had originally killed 33 teenage boys as well as young men throughout the Chicago region. For most of those deaths, he strangled them. Gacy went on to be executed however in 1994. The remains of a number of boy bodies found in the crawl space within the home of Gacy led to the recovery of 8 bodies that were left unidentified for a number of years.

Back in the year 2011, the Sheriff came forward asking for help to identify some of the bodies that they had recovered from the Gacy home. The sheriff asked for people to come out and donate a small amount of DNA in order to place the bodies of the 8 boys found. These boys had futures and they are entitled to have closure with their loved ones.

On August 5, 1976, a young man called his mother at home to tell her that he had made it to Chicago. This is the last conversation that this mother had with her son. He would be later on found in the crawl space of the Gacy home however it wasn’t until DNA was used to discover who the bodies were of. It was the samples obtained by the siblings of the boy found in his crawl space. The samples suggested that the person found in the attic was strongly linked to the DNA obtained from siblings of the dead boy. It was then that the family started to get closure from the case against Gacy.