Trump Shortens a Man’s Sentence for Fraud

President Donald Trumnp recently commuted the sentence of Sholom Rubashkin, the fomer executive at an Iowan slaughter company.
This is not a pardon. A person can be charged and then the president can pardon him or her. A commuted sentence means Rubashkin had been sentenced to 22 years of bank fraud, Thanks to Trump, he will no have to serve the sentence and can be released from prison. He still does have some legal obligations. He will be on parole and will still have to payback his victims.
This legal journey started for Rubashkin, after agents for the US Immigration and Customs raided the kosher meatpacking plant called Agriprocessors that he worked for in May of 2008. They were there to arrest about 400 Mexican and Guatemalan immigrants who were working at the plant without legal papers.
Agroprocessors had to to declare bankruptcy soon after the raid, Legal officials found the circumstances to be highly suspicious so they send investigators. They found that Rasbashkin had committed fraud to make the plant more profitable then it actually was. He had used the fake information to get a loan and the bank went defunct when Agriprocessors had to declare bankruptcy.
A jury of hi peer found him guilty in 2009 and he was sentended to 27 years in prison. Trump’s commuting of his service means he will have been in prison for a total of 8 years.
So far, the only person that may have been pardoned by Trump is Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona. He was going to be found in contempt court for not following what the court wanted. This pardoning also dealt with immigration as Arpaio seemed to be obsessed about who ere immigrants in his jurisdiction. The judges wanted him to focus on other types of crime then violation of immigration law.

Law Firms Increase Bonus Structure

The legal industry is an incredibly important one as it is responsible for ensuring that the rights of all individuals and corporations are properly represented. For those that are employed in the field, it can also be a very lucrative career if they are able to get a job with the top law firms. According to a recent news article (, and now appears that the compensation structure for lawyers could be increasing dramatically in the coming year.

For the bigger law firms, one of the bigger challenges that they have is trying to compete with other law firms in the industry to attract the top talent. When looking to get talent from the top lock schools across the country, one of the best things that they can do is try to offer them more compensation. In order to attract more talent, many of the top law firms are now offering higher bonus structures to their potential associates.

According to a recent study many of the law firms are now offering a bigger bonus than ever before. For a first-year associate, the regular starting bonus is as much as $15,000. By the time the associate is in their fifth year, the annual bonus could reach as high as $80,000. Furthermore, bonuses continue to increase each year and could reach well over $100,000 by the time the associate is in their eighth year.

Beyond providing the base bonus, all associates will also have the opportunity to work for higher bonuses as well. If they have a good year, which is often defined by the amount of hours that they are able to bill, they could end up increasing their total bonus by more than 20%. This could then lead to a total bonus structure in excess of $150,000 for more experienced associates. While not all firms have incorporated this new structure yet, it is likely to continue to grow in popularity as firms continue to try and compete for top talent.