Pennsylvania law changes to allow residents access to new fireworks

Pennsylvania residents could only purchase Class C fireworks for many years. This prevented fireworks stores from selling many different types of fireworks used by people in other states for many years. The legislature quietly changed the law in August to use fireworks labeled as consumer. While fireworks store owners across the state celebrated this decision, fire chiefs were less excited about the change. The fire chief for the city of Lancaster cautions people to leave fireworks shows to professionals.

The law changes do not let people use fireworks designed for professional displays. These fireworks still require a special license. The law banning Pennsylvania residents from owning and using anything other than Class C fireworks. The law prevented many injuries related to fireworks, but every year, fireworks still made it into the state, especially during the Independence Day weekends. Some people also set off fireworks to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The changes to the state’s law allow citizens to set off their fireworks on any day at any time, according to Lancaster Online. Lancaster’s fire chief expressed disappointment in the legislature for changing the law to allow Pennsylvania residents access to different types of fireworks.

Although the new law allows consumers to legally use different types of fireworks, it is still best to exercise caution. The Lancaster Online article announcing the news also links to a story about a Pennsylvania woman who entered a coma because of a fireworks accident. The house bill that changed the law regarding fireworks usage also featured several other changes that did not make big headlines in the state. In the meantime, fireworks stores continue to do a brisk business across the Keystone state.

Trump Shortens a Man’s Sentence for Fraud

President Donald Trumnp recently commuted the sentence of Sholom Rubashkin, the fomer executive at an Iowan slaughter company.
This is not a pardon. A person can be charged and then the president can pardon him or her. A commuted sentence means Rubashkin had been sentenced to 22 years of bank fraud, Thanks to Trump, he will no have to serve the sentence and can be released from prison. He still does have some legal obligations. He will be on parole and will still have to payback his victims.
This legal journey started for Rubashkin, after agents for the US Immigration and Customs raided the kosher meatpacking plant called Agriprocessors that he worked for in May of 2008. They were there to arrest about 400 Mexican and Guatemalan immigrants who were working at the plant without legal papers.
Agroprocessors had to to declare bankruptcy soon after the raid, Legal officials found the circumstances to be highly suspicious so they send investigators. They found that Rasbashkin had committed fraud to make the plant more profitable then it actually was. He had used the fake information to get a loan and the bank went defunct when Agriprocessors had to declare bankruptcy.
A jury of hi peer found him guilty in 2009 and he was sentended to 27 years in prison. Trump’s commuting of his service means he will have been in prison for a total of 8 years.
So far, the only person that may have been pardoned by Trump is Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona. He was going to be found in contempt court for not following what the court wanted. This pardoning also dealt with immigration as Arpaio seemed to be obsessed about who ere immigrants in his jurisdiction. The judges wanted him to focus on other types of crime then violation of immigration law.

Law Firms Increase Bonus Structure

The legal industry is an incredibly important one as it is responsible for ensuring that the rights of all individuals and corporations are properly represented. For those that are employed in the field, it can also be a very lucrative career if they are able to get a job with the top law firms. According to a recent news article (, and now appears that the compensation structure for lawyers could be increasing dramatically in the coming year.

For the bigger law firms, one of the bigger challenges that they have is trying to compete with other law firms in the industry to attract the top talent. When looking to get talent from the top lock schools across the country, one of the best things that they can do is try to offer them more compensation. In order to attract more talent, many of the top law firms are now offering higher bonus structures to their potential associates.

According to a recent study many of the law firms are now offering a bigger bonus than ever before. For a first-year associate, the regular starting bonus is as much as $15,000. By the time the associate is in their fifth year, the annual bonus could reach as high as $80,000. Furthermore, bonuses continue to increase each year and could reach well over $100,000 by the time the associate is in their eighth year.

Beyond providing the base bonus, all associates will also have the opportunity to work for higher bonuses as well. If they have a good year, which is often defined by the amount of hours that they are able to bill, they could end up increasing their total bonus by more than 20%. This could then lead to a total bonus structure in excess of $150,000 for more experienced associates. While not all firms have incorporated this new structure yet, it is likely to continue to grow in popularity as firms continue to try and compete for top talent.

Lawsuit Underway for Gymnastics Star

John Manly is a California State attorney specializing in litigation and civil actions. His main cases revolve around sexual harassment, electronic harassment, and childhood abuse. He’s won many cases involving sexual abuse and has acquired millions of dollars for his clients.

His recent case is about McKayla Maroney. She started her love of gymnastics at the young age of nine. She began training in at the local gym and enjoyed watching gymnastics on television. By the age of 12, she was competing in the United States Olympic Gymnastics. She’s won 10 gold medals in the vault division. Her talent made changed her life when she became part of the Fierce Five Gymnastics team for the 2012 Olympic London.

She was part of a well-established organization that she thought would be there for her when she needed them, but that wasn’t the case when the team doctor, Larry Nassar began assaulting her and several other teammates. Sports are generally a safe haven for many athletes. It’s all about them having fun, but when predators mark their territory, many people get hurt and the victims have to live with for the remainder of their lives. Attorneys like John Manly can help if anyone believes their child may be a victim of sexual abuse in a sport in the state of California. He will be there every step of the way to assure that the parents and child have the most professional counselors and guidance available to them.

Many children and athletes as well are scared to speak about what has happened to them. They may feel as though nobody will believe what they’re saying and that nobody understands. There is help out there and the predators need to be prosecuted John Manly is the attorney to make sure these predators are off the streets and behind bars.

Alabama Senate Race Debacle Coming To A Close

The debate over an Alabama state Senate seat that has been open is drawing to a close (hopefully). For those of us who have been living under a big rock over the last few weeks, Democratic candidate Doug Jones and Republican candidate Roy Moore have been campaigning for weeks to have the chance to fill the empty seat left by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Mr. Moore has been legally protesting the final vote count and was seeking a stay of the final count in hopes of a chance at a whole new election. The judge just ruled against Mr. Moore and stands behind the original voting talley, declaring Mr. Jones the champion.


Mr. Moore did not quietly protest this decision as he issued an aggressive statement stating that he blames the Democrats and the Washington establishment for making sure he was railroaded. Mr. Moore’s political career has been in trouble for quite some time as he has been removed twice from the Alabama Supreme Court as he has failed to follow judicial orders. Most recently, Mr. Moore has been accused of sexual misconduct against several women. Roy Moore lost the Senate seat by 20,000 votes, so it wasn’t a close race. Mr. Moore has been trying his best to have this decision overturned in court, stating that Secretary of State, John Merrill should have investigated this election more thoroughly. Mr. Merrill fired back that Mr. Moore should have stated specific issues that he would like to see investigated and that he has no problems with swearing in Mr. Jones into office.


I’m glad that the people of Alabama are finally done with the dog and pony show that is Roy Moore and hopefully will have a chance for real change with Doug Jones. Mr. Jones is the first Democrat in office in over 25 years. To read more about this story, please click here.


Are More People Representing Themselves in Court?

Nowadays, it seems like more and more people are going to court for a variety of different reasons. Unfortunately, hiring a lawyer can be incredibly expensive, especially if your case is larger and needs additional visits to the courtroom. If this has been a problem for you, you might find it incredibly beneficial to know that most people are now representing themselves in court. Not only does this save them a ton of money and prevents their settlement from being divided into lawyer fees, but it also saves hassle and time for you as well.

The key to representing yourself in court is knowing what to do. There are a lot of people who actually make things worse because they do not know what to do in terms of representing themselves. You need to know a bit about law in order to make this work in your favor. You also need to have enough witnesses to help your case when you are in front of the judge. This is going to encourage the entire case to go as well as possible, and it prevents problems down the road because of the fact that you’ve decided to do this on your own.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that there are a lot of people representing themselves each and every day. There is nothing worse than finding that this is something that hinders your ability to win the case. Because of this, it is so important that you file the case in advance to when it is actually going to happen. There is nothing worse than not being able to go to court because you cannot afford to hire a lawyer who is going to be able to help you and represent you in court. This is why you need to make sure that this is important for when you’re looking to get the most out of the case and know that this will help.

Chicago to Create New Affirmative Litigation Team

Chicago will be creating a new affirmative litigation team that will consist of four lawyers. This team will make sure that businesses and corporations in Chicago are being held to the task and keeping in line with the law. If a business is doing something that is wrong, these lawyers will file litigation against them. They will use local and outside counsel as needed.

The team has not yet been created. However, Chicago has already filed suit against Uber and Equifax, alleging that they did not respond quickly enough to data breaches, which affected many residents in Chicago. In addition, Chicago has vowed to sue US Steel for waste that has been dumped in rivers near Chicago.

Chicago announced that they are creating this team in order to fill a void that was created by the federal government’s lack of motivation to keep these companies in check. In addition, this team will help bring in revenue to Chicago through these lawsuits.

Siskel, who is the corporation counsel in Chicago, said that this idea started taking place well before the previous election, based on candidate Trump’s comments during his campaign. It made him believe that he will not be as strong as he could on corporations, which meant that Chicago may need to step in to do it themselves.

Siskel was appointed as corporation counsel in Chicago a few weeks after the 2016 election. His first moves were to build better bridges between law enforcement, the judiciary, and other players in the city.

Siskel has also been making it his priority to make various reforms to the city’s legal system and law enforcement system. He will also fix issues with the city’s record keeping process.

This new team will include two lawyers who have already been appointed and another two lawyers who have not yet been appointed. The salary for these two lawyers will be between $65,000 and $115,000 a year.

The Legal Industry Embraces Promising Blockchain Technology

Attorneys have realized that the blockchain technology is here to stay and its effects are just beginning. A group of them recently met at a ‘Blockchain and the Law’ conference to discuss issues touching on the future of the technology for the legal world. The conference afforded attendees the chance to listen to discussions on a wide of range of issues, opportunities, and use cases that are coming up with new technology. A consistent theme throughout the presentations was the fact that blockchain was a matter of when and not if. The speakers seemed to agree on the fact that the technology will become a part of attorney’s lives soon and they needed to consider how to make the most of it.

The event provided a chance for leaders in cross-section fields to give brief presentations about the technology and how it could be related to legal work. The speakers talked about how commerce may be affected by blockchain technology and how the legal sector will be affected by its growth regarding how it delivers its services. In addition to noting that the distributed ledger technology will no doubt change the legal industry, the lawyers also delved into specific use cases to provide the audience a sense of why and how the blockchain needs to be embraced and implemented in legal services.

One of the speakers discussed the specifics of how the blockchain technology will change the world of trademarks. She described an instance of a trademark battle between a makeup store owner and the Kardashian family. According to her, such conflicts can be solved by blockchain as it can show when a trademark was first used by recording its time-stamp. Blockchain technology will no doubt alter law practice in the coming future by creating a more fair, transparent, and affordable system

Changes in Employment Law Targeting Workers

Employment laws targeting Canadian workers are rarely ever carved in stone. The statutes are always likely to change whenever there is a change of government. New court decisions have also been known to alter certain decisions overnight.

This year has seen policies on privacy protection, equal pay, workplace impact of marijuana legalization, and minimum wages being introduced. Safeguards to protect vulnerable employees have also been put in place. Certain key issues have been dealt with at the federal level, which has gone ahead to affect the entire country. Federal level discussions have included:

Living Wage vs. Minimum Wage

There has been an unending debate on what should be the minimum wage. Currently, the minimum wage is set at $11.43 for each hour. Citizen groups have been agitating to have this increased to $15 per hour. This is what they are calling the living wage. Businesses have however been pushing back as they are aware that this new figure is likely to affect their bottom line.

Workplace Safety and Marijuana Legalization

The central government has put in place measures to ensure that marijuana is legalized by the end of the year. It is, however, something that has raised safety and health issues for the workers. Compared to arriving at work when drunk, there is currently no reliable way to confirm that an employee is high on marijuana.

Privacy Protection for All Employee Information

A new non-workplace court judgment has brought with it a number of implications for the workers. Voluntarily releasing a person’s information that may have been gleaned at the workplace may attract stiff penalties, especially when done without the employee’s permission. This will lead to the application of a new tort being called “public disclosure of private facts.” It, therefore, calls for employees to exercise caution when distributing written material video files or recordings that could affect another party.

Victoria State in Australia Becomes the Country’s First State to Legalize Euthanasia

The state of Victoria in Australia becomes the first state in the country to legalize assisted dying. After two and a half years of debate, the Lower House granted a win to the state government Premier, Daniel Andrews, who had lobbied for the bill. The law allows residents of Victoria with a terminal disease to obtain a lethal injection within ten days of the request. However, preference goes to those with a lifespan of six months and below. The state joins Netherlands, Canada, Colombia, Belgium, and some states in the US in legalizing euthanasia. Some states in the US allows the doctor to suggest a means through which patients may terminate their lives without necessarily participating in the act.

The law seeks to avert physical suffering for the terminally ill. According to Mr. Andrews, the law allows the sick to die with dignity. A similar bill proposed in Australia was struck down by the Federal government in 1997. A patient benefiting from the injection must have been a resident of the state for the last one year. The drug can be administered on behalf of the patient if they cannot do it themselves.

Before the drug gets administered, thorough vetting of the patient gets conducted. Additionally, a doctor may not at any circumstance suggest the idea of ending one’s life. While those opposed to the bill cited that the decision of euthanasia should be left in the hands of the doctors, Dr. Baker said that the matter is ultimately a job for the government and the society. The amendments made the law more restrictive as compared to similar laws passed in different jurisdictions. However, there’re concerns about the ability to interpret and manipulate the law to suit one’s purpose. In the modern society, it’s possible to prolong life. As a result and by default, it’s also possible to extend suffering and pain. It would only be prudent to avail a method of stopping the pain as a last resort.