President Trump Adds More Legal Muscle To Prove The Russian Thing Is A Witch Hunt

Donald Trump can’t get a break. In fact, he can’t seem to get anything done in Washington, and that makes him angry and belligerent. His healthcare bill is toast, and his immigration bill is a political nightmare. The Republican Party can’t put a team on the political field that works together. And the Russian accusations are turning into a Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue for the president. Plus, people around the country have no faith in Trump.

But Trump has a plan. His plan is to fight lawyers with lawyers. The President now has one of Washington’s big legal dogs to fight for him. Ty Cobb, the Washington criminal attorney with a winning track record, is now the White House special counsel. Trump now has five lawyers working on the Russian thing, and they are all huddling to protect Trump from special Justice Department lawyers as well as congressional committees. Collusion with the Russians is the battle cry of Trump opponents. And those opponents include heavy duty political hitters with deep pockets.

There is little doubt. Trump is in for some nasty Washington battles. But the president is sending a strong message to the people that want to bring him down. The message is, he’s not going down. Trump is Teflon through and through, according to his allies. Nothing sticks to him even when it looks like something will stick. The president likes controversy. He likes to be in the trenches and tweet, even when there is nothing substantial to tweet about.

Cobb is a criminal lawyer, and he likes to be in the middle of turmoil. Mr. Cobb is a former federal prosecutor, and he was in charge of the organized crime and criminal division in Baltimore. Cobb has a private practice now, and he handles cases in 35 countries and 44 states, according to his law firm Hogan Lovells.

Federal Report’s Scathing Critique of Prison System’s Treatment of Mentally Ill

The Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General recently released a report that heavily criticized the prison system’s treatment of mentally ill inmates.

There have been rumors circulating for years that prison systems from across the country were providing inadequate accommodations to mentally ill inmates. Other detractors argued that inmates were becoming more mentally ill due to the pressures of living behind bars and denied access to therapies and medications that might alleviate some of the mentally ill patients’ suffering.

The Department of Justice’s report, though, homed in on a prison in Pennsylvania for its analysis. The report noted the pending lawsuit against a Lewisburg prison and went on to claim that this prison had a number of lawsuits against it. The lawsuits were filed against the prison for the prison’s deficient mental health services.

The Department of Justice’s report also indicted the Bureau of Prisons more broadly by alleging that the Bureau of Prisons condoned the practice of keeping mentally ill inmates in solitary confinement for extended periods of time. This practice could be considered very detrimental to mentally ill inmates psychology well-being since keeping these kinds of inmates in solitary confinement has been shown to result in poorer mental-health outcomes over the long term.

The Bureau of Prisons was also called into question for the size of its solitary confinement cells. The Department of Justice considered these cells too small for housing inmates. Also at issue was the fact that many overcrowded prisons have resorted to cramming in multiple mentally ill inmates in the same small cell.

The issue of overcrowding is perhaps more pernicious since overcrowding has been associated with greater prison violence and even a greater number of prison deaths. The risks are that much higher with mentally ill inmates denied proper treatment or medication.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Wants Police To Seize People’s Personal Assets

Jeff Sessions, the former Senator from Alabama, has always been a controversial figure. Sessions is against gay rights, using marijuana, and being politically honest. Now that Sessions is Attorney General of the United States, he is in a position to upset the budding cannabis industry. He wants to change some of the policies that the former Attorney General, Eric Holder put in place. Some Washington insiders say Sessions has an Edgar Hoover type mindset, and he can create serious legal issues for Americans.

Recently, Sessions was a speaker at the National District Attorneys Association meeting. Jeff didn’t waste any time telling those legal watchdogs and prosecutors he will enforce the asset forfeiture program that was put on hold by his predecessor. Sessions main target is drug dealers, but anyone could be the victim of this violation of civil rights, according to lawyers who understand the forfeiture policy. Sessions also want to reverse an Obama administration order that stops local officials from using the federal system to get around state laws. Former Attorney Eric Holder said Sessions is an extremist, and Wisconsin Representative Jim Sensenbrenner thinks Sessions forfeiture program is wrong and unconstitutional.

Senator Rand Paul thinks Sessions is opening the door for an extraordinary amount of lawsuits because the government is taking property away from people that have not had their day in court. Paul thinks assuming someone is guilty and taking their property away is a crazy and illegal idea. But in a civil forfeiture case, the police and prosecutors don’t have to prove guilt in order to take assets away. In a criminal forfeiture, authorities have to file charges, prove guilt, and get a conviction.

Sessions wants to stop drug traffickers, but he also wants to take down the legal sale of marijuana in the states that sell it for medical purposes. California Republican Rep. Darrell Issa wants to regulate asset forfeiture, and he is sponsoring legislation to do that. Issa thinks Sessions is going backward instead of forward if he gets his way. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas also thinks civil asset forfeiture is a bad idea. Justice Thomas thinks asset forfeiture is an egregious act, and it opens the door for people who abuse the intent of the program. Sessions may be one of those people, according to his opponents. Jeff Sessions is an old school politician who is out of touch and out of date, according to those opponents.

Legal Challenges

The field of law is changing rapidly in the United States today. This was one of the most popular fields for college graduates to enter at one time. However, this is now a field that is saturated with college graduates. A lot of students are graduating from law school with record levels of debt. Not only that, but they are having trouble finding a quality job to help pay the bills.

In the coming years, many people expect that the legal field is going to continue to go through various changes. With that being said, students need to be prepared to innovate through their career.

Online Services

One of the newest trends in the legal field today is offering online services for people who need legal help. A lot of people today struggle with finding affordable legal help in their area.

Online legal advice is a viable option for people who need a quick question answered. Not only does it cost much less time than going in and seeing a lawyer, but it saves lawyers time as well. Over time, a lot of people have had success getting their question answered in a short period of time. New graduates need to look at all possibilities when it comes to enhancing their legal career.

New Legislation

Another important trend in the legal industry is the new legislation being introduced in several states across the country. Many people today believe that online gambling should be legal. Now is a great time to start enacting legislation in various states.

As a legal student, this is an exciting time to live in for many people. There are a lot of people who want to see things enacted that have been illegal in the past. Many people today are still entering the profession because they want to help others.

Things That Are Impacting The Field Of Law Today

There are plenty of factors shaping all kinds of industries at any given moment. The field of law is not exempt from all of these changes. We take a look at a few of these today.

Electronic Discovery

What evidence is admissible in court is something that frustrates many people bringing lawsuits or battling criminal cases. Depending on the circumstances and what side of the case one is on, it can be frustrating to either side. That being said, new changes are coming to what may be admissible. Electronic discovery is now a thing being considered by a lot of courts.

Electronic discovery is basically the idea that things such as e-mails, voicemails, and the like something that may be brought into court. That is evidence that can break a case wide open and make or break it. Lawyers on both sides of any case will need to consider this change.

Marketing Via Social Media

The Balance has an article out which says that more lawyers than ever are using social media to market themselves and their services. It used to be considered unprofessional to do this, but that is no longer the case. It is too difficult to ignore the number of people on social media and the marketing potential that is available there. These days lawyers are happy to open a social media page for their practice.

Longer Hours And More Clients

Lawyers already have a busy life, but it is about to get even busier. The number of hours that lawyers are putting into their job is on the increase. They are taking on more clients and battling each other even more heavily for that business. If you are a lawyer, you can expect to burn the midnight oil more often, but that is good news for the profession.

The Future of the Healthcare Bill in the U.S.

Events in Law
The law is meant to provide order in the governance of a nation. Different countries have different types of laws. Under the law, there is a bill, which is a proposed law. This proposed law is brought to the parliament for discussions. Bills are constantly changing due to revision by the ruling government. The U.S. is not a stranger to this. With a new government in place, different bills are being revised or under consideration for revision. One of such is the Health Bill.

Regulations in the U.S. Health Bill
With new governance in place in the U.S., there are discussions for a new health bill. In the previous administration, there was the Obamacare, which at the moment the new administration is seeking to revoke. According to Senator Mitch McConnell, the Senate seeks to revoke the Obamacare without placing another replacement.

The Senate had previously recommended another health care bill but with two senators being a no-show, the bill was suspended. However, there seems to be hope in the pending health care bill. The Republicans seem to be burning the midnight oil as they try to look for a way forward with the bill.

Susan Collins and Rand Paul have voiced their disagreement with the bill. According to the two senators, they would prefer a health care bill that is different from the existing one. The fate of this bill seems to be hanging by a thread as it ignites mix reactions from the senate.

Future of the Bill
In order to salvage the bill, the Republicans are making plans to add $200 billion to a Medicaid Program that the bill would cut. The Americans remain uncertain about the future of the healthcare bill. The Senate, on the other hand, continues to explore all options they can find.

Dog Walkers Now Have To Have A License According To New Ruling In New York

Pet owners all over the country are in outrage over the recent ruling over dog walkers and dog sitters in the state of New York. According to this new ruling, dog walkers and sitters are required to have a license if they want to charge clients for taking care of their animals. People have begun taking to social media to talk about the new ruling and how it does not go by what the state’s notion of work and employment.

Dog sitters are now in a twirl about acquiring this license if they want to continue with their job. A lot of people who take up dog sitting do it as a part time job, which is why they feel like a proper license is a bit of an overkill when it comes to whether or not they can offer their skills and make money on the side. Numerous people have also pointed out that a good number of these people who partake in these kinds of jobs are high school students who just want to make a little pocket money on the side. Now, their simple acts of taking care of their neighbor’s cats are deemed as illegal, with a chance of punishment being conferred onto them.

Numerous websites like DogVacay are also facing a backlash because their users are now required to have a license before registering and offering their services. This has caused them to have to put in extra measures to ensure that this new law is enforced. This has caused a severe amount of losses for many people who are involved in this business.

Since the law was passed, numerous people have been issued notices for continuing their operations without a valid license. As of now, the state is making these offenders pay a fine of a thousand dollars.

Critical Orders from the DC District Court about Internet History and Location

According to The Washington Post, DC District Court released new data showing a significant increase in sealed orders that demanded internet data. This was an increase by seven times over the past three years. The orders requested carrier’s historical cell site data, particularly the record of the cell providers showing the location o the user’s phones. Additionally, the orders requested for the records of the broadband providers that showed connections of internet among users. Further, the connection data was helpful in deducing the date, time, and size of an instant message or an email as well as the recipient and the correspondent.

The connection data would not demand communication content such as the recording of received data or a call received from any website. However, the broadband providers could provide a physical location for an individual and his/her online activities on different platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

How to Access the Orders

The orders are confidentially kept under seal because of their legal precedent. Therefore, prosecutors do not need a legal search warrant to obtain the files. However, they are allowed to access the orders after showing their superiors that the files are vital for an ongoing investigation. Moreover, the Department of Justice and the US Attorney have the right to reveal the disclosed requests made by prosecutors within the Washington, DC area. There are also similar orders that are excluded from the current national statistics.

The new data was publicized by Jason Leopold, a renowned BuzzFeed reporter, following an extended court fight of a cased that was filed in 2013. In 2017, the Reporters Committee for the Freedom of the Press filed the same case to back Jason. Further, the case involved a request to unseal similar orders that were indirectly related to an ongoing case, which is strongly opposed by the government.

Netflix Losing on Opportunities by reverting to Theatrical Releases

Acclaimed film writer and director, Christopher Nolan has decided to speak on Netflix move to produce theatrical films against the possibility of streaming. According to the contemporary movie maker, Netflix is losing a precious opportunity. Christopher Nolan is a globally renowned disruptive force in the entertainment industry. His film, Memento, for instance, is a standing evidence of his prowess in his practice.

In 2014, he saw his epic sci-fi film, Interstellar, elicit some inspiring reception from the fans, having made it to the world box office. That is not all, Nolan is expected to once again shake the entertainment waters this week with his highly anticipated drama, Dunkirk. The movie is based on the World War II events that saw the highly criticized purging of the British and other Allied nations from Nazi territories during the 1940s.

IndieWire recently published his conversation with the director regarding the parameters used by Hollywood in studio systems and was even more critical of Netflix’s move to digital distribution models. “Netflix harbors a bizarre obsession to support theatrical movies.” He continued, “They never consider that having everything streamed and released in quick succession is the only viable option module for theatrical films.”

This migration to theatrical releases by Netflix still dominates most debates in the entertainment and award programs. During the Cannes Film Festival, Pedro Almodovar dejected movies that utilize streaming services from partaking in the highly coveted awards. Following this surprising decision, The Meyerowitz Stories by Noah Baumbach and Okja, by Bong Jun Ho won’t stand a chance at the competition.

Unlike the financial input that went into the advertising and promotion of Jurassic Park, which bagged virtually $ 31 million in television adverts, theatrical films lack the monetary backing to scale the entertainment market. Rather, their prospects of promoting the films are strongly pegged on reviews gathered from film festival: just as reiterated by Nolan.

While a star-studded movie may elicit interests from big production houses, small films hardly have that lucky breakthrough. They hope to realize financial returns through the sales of DVDs and the ever-changing Video On Demand market.

Parole for O.J. Simpson On Charges of Robbery 13 Years After The Murder of His Wife and Friend

Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman were both killed outside of a restaurant in 1994. Nicole’s husband was first charged with the murder however that court proceedings led to an acquittal. Even though Simpson was found free of charges, he was brought up in a civil liability for the deaths and was ordered to pay the families $33.5 million dollars worth of damages and most of that has been left unpaid.

13 Years later, Simpson and 4 others stormed into a hotel room in Las Vegas to gather belongings that he says were rightfully his. They stormed the room with guns out and this led to a charge in which he was found guilty of.

O.J. will now go in front of the parole board again in Nevada to plead with them to release him out on parole. Simpson should be the one person who would normally receive parole due to the fact that he has been the model inmate and his conduct in prison has left him with a clean record but what happens when those parole board members recall the murders of the century. In many cases, the history of the person is blocked by the wrong doings or what is said to have happened and the good behavior of the person is still blocked out due to the reputation.

It was this same board that offered him a good parole pardon in 2013 which led to him serving 4 more years on the charges of robbery. This time around, if the parole board decides to go in his favor, O.J. will be free to walk from prison on October 1st.

The parole board typically needs a few days to weeks in order to reach a decision on a parole hearing however with Simpson, the decision will be made instantly due to the high celebrity profile that comes with Simpson.