James Dondero is confident in Argentina

The past economic downturn made people extremely wary of the stock market, but the growth in recent years has made lead to a resurgence in the popularity of the stock market. Keeping a diverse portfolio is an important strategy that can lead to long-term financial independence, but you need to stay up-to-date on the news to truly benefit from your investments.

Argentina is a new player in the bond market. For years, Argentinian bonds were not available, and the world longed for the opportunity to invest in this country. Argentina is looking to raise $12 billion in the bond market. This money will help the country invest in itself, and continue to grow. Some buyers might avoid Argentina, and instead choose to invest in larger countries, but many high profile names have already announced their intention to invest in Argentina. Highland Capital is the biggest name to endorse investing in Argentina.

Highland Capital has always been a major holder of Argentinian bonds, and they seem even more confident in the country now. The leader of Highland Capital, James Dondero, recently announced that the company likes the price offered by Argentina and the price the bonds are likely to trade for on the market. James is especially confident given how Argentina compares to other Latin American countries. Early yields will be around 8 percent and long-term yields will stay around 6 percent. Highland capital should be a major buyer in the next release of Argentinian bonds.

James Dondero is one of the leading minds in the financial industry. He is extremely well trained and made a great deal of money in the nineties. He founded Highland Capital in the early nineties, and quickly found himself innovating new financial products. He helped created the Collotarized Loan Obligation, the CLO. This new financial product tied several debts together allowing investors to make more money. Highland became the top company in the CLO market and James Dondero became quite successful. James later innovated several different financial products, including hedge funds, REITs, ETFs, and private equity funds. These products were extremely popular and made both James and his investors a great amount of money. James and Highland Capital Management continued to grow throughout the 2000s and today Highland considered one of the most successful companies in Dallas.

Argentina is going to issue new bonds soon and James Dondero will invest heavily in the country.

Investor Changes Inure Veteran Pride

Somehow it has come to pass taking care of American veterans is a hardship. Those military ex-troops who have contributed to the welfare of the nation have just plain been slighted as being a problem, a drain on society, and a pain. However Brad Reifler says it will not happen on his watch as Forefront Capital Advisor’s executive officer. His company is a successful worldwide financial firm. Instead of thinking of veterans as a burden, he believes it’s a responsibility. It is an accountability one undertakes with pride and he backs his belief with three million dollars.

As the Chief Executive Officer Brad Reifler proved his words are real with a partnership he created with Easter Seals Dixon Center. Together with his financial service company and its subsidiaries he up-fronted the funds to invest in veterans’ wellbeing by offering Easter Seals Dixon Center a generous endowment. He is very vociferous about helping vets; he says military soldiers and their families have served the nation altruistically.

Subsequently, he made the choice to donate to the Easter Seals Dixon Center. All parties are delighted. In a press article the Easter Seals Dixon Center’s chairman said both parties share the same philosophy about veterans and military families. He added saying the donation will provide for specific services. It will connect veterans and military families in a positive way within their centralized community. It will promote financial stability. Moreover and most pronounced is the fact this venture will amend attitudes cultivated from stereotyping vets in a less than favorable light. This new approach plans to reacquaint veterans and military families with real solutions. The plan is to make entry into jobs, universities, and healthcare obtainable.

So who is this guardian of the forgotten soldier? He is the legacy of industrialist Ray Friedman. Ray Friedman is Brad’s grandfather and originator of Refco. Brad Reifler was a dynamo trader in his grandfather’s firm showing promise right away. Hence entrepreneurial spirit is in his bloodline. The talent for starting profitable companies is his heritage; he co-foundered Pali Capital and also made Reifler Trading Company a success business. So he has a lifetime in business. Delving deeper into his persona shows he is an intelligent and down to earth man. Educated in economics and politics makes him a savvy magnate and an international powerhouse when it comes to global investments and trading. He is a multi-million dollar gold mine. For this reason bearing in mind his expertise he presently focuses exclusively on consulting high-end clients. His clients are the elite. For a man that has elevated himself to renowned mogul and done well; he makes it a duty to umbrella many other disadvantaged groups. In Brad Reifler’s opinion veterans and military families’ securities inures from day one and is not a burden, but an honored privilege and an investment for freedom.  His official website has more on the partnership, and what Forefront will be doing next.

Slyce Inc. Technological Advancements for 2015

The Slyce Link technology released recently on November 25th 2015 is Slyce’s answer to proprietary retail technology. Image recognition technology provides users with visual product recommendations when using the retailer platform. This technology is purposely built in order to enhance sales in e-commerce applications. The technology has proven difficult to make and has therefore been in the development phase for longer than a year. Finally November 2015 saw it released for beta testing which is being done by a major retail outlet that has provided the solution to its customers on a testing basis. The online purchasing journey for the customer is a highly complicated one and there are strategic points within that journey where certain product recommendations allow for added benefits. These added benefits are the reduction in people abandoning the purchase journey due to the fact that they have not found the specific item that they are searching for.

This will also increase sales as more products can be purchased by the customer. It is a similar principle to the isle we walk through when we leave the grocery store. Strategically most grocery stores funnel customers into an isle filled with snacks in order to get them to purchase something on the way out. This is the same for Slyce Link but on an online basis. This technology is available in Java Script code and native software development kits as well as functioning on both Android and iOS platforms. The integration process is very simple as with most of Slyce’s technology it can be embedded within the existing platform with the simple copying and pasting of code. As well as making the user interface completely customizable to the clients specifications. Ensuring data consistency there is a product feed processing mechanism, search logic that ensures data consistency as well as an image match engine all placed on the back end of the system.