Susan McGalla Changes the Perspective of Women Leadership

Susan McGalla is the establisher of P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. P3 Executive Consulting is a firm that advises clients regarding product branding, management of talents, marketing products, and operational efficiency. She has aired out her views specifically to women. Susan believes that women can also be on the fore front of various businesses. The audiences that McGalla has delivered her speeches include the Pittsburgh Women and Girl’s Foundation and at the University of Carnegie Mellon on CEO’s Speaker Series.

The males dominated Susan McGalla’s upbringing environment. She grew up in a household composed of two brothers and her father. They involved Susan in each of their activities regardless of her gender. The situation encouraged McGalla to develop confidence and be comfortable with working with both men and women. Her success is as a result of coordinating with both males and females.

McGalla went to Mount Union College where she acquired her BA. After that, she commenced her career at the Joseph Horne Company. Later, Susan joined the American Eagle Outfitters, Inc in 1994. When she joined the company, it was dominated by men. Through hard work and a series of success, they supported Susan throughout her career in the company.

According to Susan McGalla, her leadership ascension in the company’s executive positions relayed positive information to women. She instilled an actual change in the culture construction regarding women. She continuously acquired other leadership posts in the management of the Eagles Outfitters Company. Eventually, she became the President and the chief merchandising officer of the company. In Susan’s prestigious leadership position, she was responsible for the assessment of P&L, the company’s e-commerce site, and the $3 billion revenues.

Since then, Susan McGalla has become autonomous in her career. She offers consultation services to executive individuals in the finance sector on the occasion of the world’s insiders retail perspective. Susan’s gender was never a factor in her career targets. She hoped that more women would take after her attitude and approach towards visualizing their 2015 career goals.

Besides being in the business world, she participates in casual events. In October 2006, she pulled out her casual look in her jeans. Susan led in the celebration aimed to make an announcement concerning the shift of the retail’s headquarters. The public was amazed at Susan McGalla. She said that the people had not come across a young, energetic president before. Susan McGalla received a title which designated her to help merchandise, design and market American teens’ brands everywhere.