JD.com To Implement Smart Logistics In The China’s Urban Centers


JD.com; known as Jingdong Mall is starting a research center based in Xiongan to specialize in making futuristic automation technology for logistics in Chinese cities. The announcement of the Urban Smart Logistics Institute took place on October 18, at the JD.com Logistics’ 2018 Global Smart Supply Chain Summit held in Beijing, China.

The Institute will cover first class design for the logistic hubs in urban areas, huge data and cloud computing systems and urban logistics systems to name but a few. The founders of the Institute include Beijing Jiaotong University, Shanghai Maritime University, National Development and Reform Commission. Others are Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute, Nankai University, Beijing Wuzi University, Sinotrans & CSC, and the Institute of Comprehensive Transportation.

Jingdong Mall came up with the idea of the institute after doing thorough research on the urbanization of China. JD.com found out that the urbanization is affecting the environment through pollution, which in return affects people’s lives. Additionally, the research showed that traffic emissions produced by freight vehicles consume up to one third of the road capacity. The institute aims at coming up with the solutions to these problems through designing an environment friendly and efficient framework for logistics in the congested urban areas. To implement these strategies, the institute will implement subterranean tracks, underground logistic systems and integrated pipe corridors. This system will ensure that the urban logistics are smooth and efficient. Additionally, the aboveground space will be open free from the common logistics system. Read This Article to learn more.

Chen Xiangsheng, the Director of the Chinese Academy of Engineering pointed out that the cities that use the available resources and space always remain smart and the Institute will change the urban areas in a great way. He added that the plan by Jingdong to implement the three –dimensional smart logistics system by using the underground space and opening the above ground is a unique style. He said that the system would increase urban space, solve environmental problems, and ease traffic congestion.

Jingdong is the largest Chinese retailer and the only large-scale e-commerce company worldwide that offers delivery of product to for its customers. Jingdong is one of the world’s leaders in automation and smart logistics.


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