Dr. Dov Rand on Taking Charge of your Health.

Many patients have become informed of the need to maintain good health. Due to the improvements in technology, most of them refer to qualified healthcare providers. Some patients may avoid certain doctors due to their poor practices. Physical medicine and rehabilitation are increasingly becoming popular among many patients. One of the practitioners in the health industry that has focused on the two areas is Dr. Dov Rand. In 1947, a body was launched to do more research on physical medicine in the United States. The main aim was to enable individuals to live a longer life.

The training of the health practitioners involves undertaking a series of techniques in various types of environmental settings. The trainees are also taught about how to treat different conditions that may affect some parts of the body such as the nerves and cardiovascular system. Dr. Dov Rand is the pioneer of Healthy Aging Medical Centers. He has a lot of experience in the sector and this has earned him a good reputation. He believes that more research should be done in physical medicine and has spent a lot of time on developing better solutions by use of modern technology.

He offers treatment and makes recommendations based on factual information obtained from extensive scientific research. Dr. Dov Rand aims at helping his patients to live a healthy life even when they are old. He uses treatment options that help to boost the immune system of the elderly patients. Since some diseases occur due to some lifestyle habits, he helps the patients to develop healthy habits. The patients are recommended to consume high-quality meals and engage in regular physical exercises. The measures ensure quicker recovery so that individuals can resume their normal routine.

Patients with severe conditions such as stroke, brain or spinal cord injuries are admitted for close monitoring by the practitioners. Individuals with minor cases such as such as chronic pain are treated and then discharged. Dr. Dov Rand has been invited in various forums to talk about age management and is passionate about it. He has empowered many individuals to become specialists in the area of age management through literature and through the various platforms on the internet.

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Dr. Dov Rand


Jorge Moll’s view on the link between mental heath and the overall well being

Jorge Moll is a man of many hats. Currently, he is the President, Director, Senior Researcher, Head of the Cognitive Neuroscience Unit and Neuroinformatics Workgroup and member of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education in Brazil (IDOR). With so much on his hands, it is no surprise that he is committed as well as intelligent, to be able to handle all the positions he has been heading.


Jorge Moll is a man of distinction with various awards to his name. They include Research Fellow NIH Award (2004-2007), Elected Affiliate Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (2008), elected governors board member of International Neuroethics Society (2012-2013) and Visiting Scholar Award, Stanford Neuroscience Institute, Stanford University (2015). In the Medical field, he is a legend.


Jorge Moll is a patriot to his country Brazil and for as long as he can recall he always wanted to improve research, education and the health of his countrymen. Jorge Moll makes sure to interact with students, associates, scientists, researchers, and businesspeople in the pursuit of better ideas for their country. It may be because of this that his advanced Neuroscience study on the Relationship between well-being and Affective Relationships, has been a subject of wonder and fascination. His research has had a finding on the link between psychological issues and morality issues.


Jorge Moll explains that human beings become happier when they give than when they receive something. It is fascinating that while the whole process is biological and hardwired to the human brain to occur automatically. His research is a beam of light on how science can affect people’s health and relationships positively based on purely non-scientific interventions like acts of volunteering.


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Jorge Moll, a senior author of the study, shows how the human brain reacts to acts of tenderness, emotions, social values and relationships as a whole may be the best possible way to heal people from illnesses like depression that have become part of our daily lives today. Jorge Moll is a social worker passionate about making the lives of people who suffer from neurology issues better through scientific research.


Impressionable Facts about Jeff Aronin

Jeff Aronin has acquired an excellent reputation due to the notable contributions he has made towards the health sector. A successful medical practitioner, Jeff is also a successful entrepreneur and the CEO of Paragon Biosciences, LLC. He has majorly focused on helping people dealing with rare conditions acquire back their health, and with the partnership, he has formed with other scientists as well as prestigious medical practitioners, Jeff Aronin has successfully established various effective cures for the rare diseases. The firm develops and accelerates numerous researchers on rare conditions noted in humans with the aim of gaining clarity on their fundamental causes as well as developing effective medications to handle them.


Jeff flaunts over 20 years of innovation in the health sector and in developing global biotech companies. He has always strived to come up with new ideas to bring changes in the health sector, and through this, he has received accreditation from many people. Aronin believes in the strength of working together as a team, and since the beginning of his career, he has always strived to bring medical practitioners, scientists and other executives In the field of health so that they can share ideas and develop strategies to address the ever emerging issues in the field of medicine.

Together with his team of employees, Jeff has successfully developed a vast number of drugs to address rare conditions and as a result, he has received numerous awards for his work. Jeff prides himself in the 13 novel approvals from FDA that the firm has invented and he is also proud that the drugs developed by the firm have been marked by a considerable success rate that is higher than most other peers in the United States health sector.


Additionally, Jeff is also a co-founder and non-executive chairman of Castle Creek Pharma and non-executive chairman of Harmony Biosciences. He is also a philanthropist, and he has supported the community in various ways, which have seen him receive accreditation form many people. Through the Aronin Family Foundation, Jeff supports research for some of the world’s rare conditions, and he has funded many firms that are willing to come up with research and cure for such diseases.


Mark Mofid the Doctor and Entrepreneur

One of the best plastic surgeons in the San Diego area is Dr. Mark Mofid. Mark Mofid graduated from Harvard University with his undergrad degree and completed his medical degree and all of his training at John Hopkins University School of Medicine. He is currently board-certified by not only the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, but also the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

In addition to his accomplishments as one of the top plastic surgeons in California, Mark Mofid is becoming even more known lately in the aesthetic medical community because of the advancements in technology that he is causing to happen as an innovator in the cosmetic surgery sector. Safety is key to the cosmetic surgery industry and Mofid is working relentlessly to ensure that practices associated with the procedures that surgeons like him complete are entirely safe. He works tirelessly to understand the body better so that procedures can be revamped and be completed in a safer way.

His most recent work is in the area of gluteal augmentation. He has created a new gluteal implant that everyone is giving high reviews to. This new implant is said to be of a low profile, has better intramuscular positioning, and just overall looks better than the predecessors that were used for gluteal augmentation in years before. One reason he has been able to be such a successful innovator when it comes to gluteal augmentation is because of his collaboration with doctors in Brazil. The country of Brazil is the leader when it comes to the number of gluteal implant surgeries that have been completed.

Mark Mofid will most likely continue to be a great innovator for his specialty field. He strives to keep his patients as safe as possible and also wants to improve the plastic surgery industry. As long as individuals like him have the drive to improve things, the number of plastic surgeries such as gluteal implants will continue to grow.


Dr. Saad Saad


Dr. Saad Saad, MD, is a 72-year-old male Pediatric surgeon. Born in Palestine and raised in Kuwait. His inspiration to be a medical doctor and more specifically a Surgeon came from unlikely quarters as he had grown wanting to like his elder brothers be an engineer. The hot summers in Kuwait, however, motivated him to want to be a Surgeon to work in operating rooms with air conditioners. In 1971, Dr. Saad graduated from Cairo University School of Medicine as second in his class. Yet his decision to fly to Lebanon to do an ECFGM exam which he passed is among his best career highlights. He interned in England before moving to the United States in search of his American dream. In the US, he was based in New Jersey and worked with Hovnanian Children Hospital at Hackensack Meridian Health Care System in New Jersey.

In the 1980s, Dr. Saad had a rare opportunity come to him. A chance to work in the Middle East at Riyadh. He was cut out for this opening due to his ability to communicate in Arabic and English as the only qualified Pediatric surgeon at that. Moreover, he traced his background to the Middle East hence easier for him to move back there to take up this new opportunity. This opportunity presented him a chance to work with royalty across the Middle East from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, and the Persian Gulf. As an experienced surgeon, his medical opinions and suggestions were held in high regard. It’s while in Saudi Arabia that he performed surgery on the youngest patient to be admitted with an aneurysm and had it documented in a journal for academic purposes. He is also credited with developing a Surgical Residence Program for the Saudi student hence could be accredited in Saudi without having to go Abroad.

Having a passion for Engineering, Dr. Saad came up with two patented evolutionally innovations; The Catheter tracking system and suction endoscope. He is fueled by the belief that even in the medical industry innovations through research are timely and necessary. The innovation on the catheter may have not yet been at its peak as there are concerns about its complexity on the manufacturer’s side, but there lies hope that it’s the future.

Dr. Saad recognizes the role his family played in supporting his move to the Saudi. He actually stated that all he has done during his lifelong career was only possible thanks to his wives support. His background having come out of a humble home made him serve every patient without discrimination. Having worked with the rich in society, he could still humble himself enough to work with the poor too regardless of race, color, religion or any prejudice. His belief in all is created equal make him a better surgeon. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/