I Can Truly Say That FreedomPop Offers Me Free Phone Service

I’ve experienced all types of cell phone service providers that have all let me down, especially in the price department. Since I’m a college student, paying a low cost for cell phone service is important to me, and the best price I’d found was $30 a month for unlimited service, but I knew that I could do better. After a friend informed me about a review of FreedomPop, I made sure to unlock my phone to transfer it over to FreedomPop. I found that I could pay $20 a month for unlimited service like the one I was getting from my previous company.

Even though $20 a month was an amazing price, I couldn’t help myself when I found out that I could also get free service from FreedomPop, so I decided to read a FreedomPop review about how I could use the free service to my advantage. I found that I would get 200 MB of data as well as 500 text messages and 200 minutes of talk time. I knew that the minutes and data would not work for me, but I also found a creative way to allow myself to have a lot of extra talk time and data.

I have Wi-Fi in my building, and the Wi-Fi service is free of charge, so I’m allowed to use Internet on my phone via the Wi-Fi service. I have unlimited fast Internet service on my cell phone now because of the Wi-Fi, and I can even make calls over Wi-Fi as well. Only when I leave my home do I have to use the minutes and data that’s provided by FreedomPop, but I still manage to get through each month without having to pay any money for the service.

I signed up for the FreedomPop service with an email address, and I had a sim card shipped out to me, which only cost me $0.99 because it was on sale. Even my previous cell phone service provider charged me $20 for a sim card, which makes me feel ripped off since FreedomPop charged me so little for my sim card. The best thing about the FreedomPop sim card is that it’s an international sim, which means I am able to use it in 25 different countries when I travel. I couldn’t ask for a better company than FreedomPop, especially since they truly give me free cell phone service.

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