Mandatory Information On Interacting With Police

North Carolina lawmakers are working toward a bill that will give new drivers information on how to interact with police officers. This stands out as an odd addition. What are they trying to get across? Is it just a helpful tip, or is it setting a precedent for the future?

As a society, we are taught to obey the law at all times. This is obvious, but what will come from it? This law states new drivers in North Carolina will receive additional information on how to interact with the police who are trained to protect us. I believe society is being programmed, to surrender their rights, and act out of character to not put themselves in danger while encountering police. Research-based studies show police nation-wide, deserve a pay increase and to be trained to do their jobs better. There is a disconnect between police and the people they serve.

This law is simply a small reminder, but is it setting a precedent? I wonder what will come next? There has been no rush, by legislation, federally or by the state to improve the wages and training of local police. It starts with added information, but will mandatory citizen training proceed the current bill? North Carolina has a foul history of police incidents and poverty. People may think this is a preventative measure, and others may see past it and wonder what will come next.

The current leadership in the United States makes us take a hard look at laws like this. In the time where police brutality has a bright light shining on it, we must keep our eyes open and acknowledge the current days we live in. A new culture of compassion and information is rising. The rise of political attention is changing the country we live in.