Consultant Added To Board Of Advisors At Reputation Management Firm

Polly Morton, Vice President of Gerson Lehrman Group has now been named as an advisor on the board of advisors for Status Labs, a digital reputation management firm. Morton has been working as an investment advisor and portfolio strategist in private equity and venture capital firms, but has also done work as a digital reputation repair expert for Darius Fisher is pleased to welcome Morton on board and expects Status Labs to benefit from her knowledge and experience in dealing with digital reputation management crisis. Status labs has only been running for about 6 years, but they have grown fast and employ a team of experts skilled in digital forensics and publishing positive articles aimed to heal digital reputations.


Darius Fisher, a businessman from Dallas, TX founded Status Labs because he too had suffered attacks from online news sources and blog sites, and he wanted to make sure that anyone else that might be subject to those attacks could come out with their digital reputation still intact. Status Labs is almost like a team of private investigators that get the full story from their clients, investigate the story, and try to replace or take down any false stories and replace them with true ones. They also do forensic work to find out if any accounts were hacked, photos tampered with, or other information falsified. Even if the negative story is true, when it is something that is forgivable Status Labs helps to get the positive stories to the top of search pages to overrule the negatives.
Darius Fisher has spoken at various IT seminars and has given interviews on how businesses can take stock of their online profiles and prevent digital reputation crises from happening. Some ways to do it as suggested by Fisher, are to make sure no personal information is published anywhere you don’t want it to be, and to have any people search or database sites take it down when published. It’s also important to make sure all social media profiles and online search results look clean, all information posted is correct and that your passwords are changed frequently and have not been used.

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