Roseann Bennett: Telemedicine Is The New Thing In Psychotherapy


Long distance communication has often been a part of human civilization. From time immemorial when drums and horns were the main channels of communication, the industry has evolved from the drums to telegraphs and now the internet which is taking over how people interact with each other. Today, people can connect in a few seconds through a video call directly on the phone.

Just like people use technology to communicate personal matters, doctors are also looking at using the new forms of technology to improve patient’s health. Telemedicine is becoming the buzzword of late. Roseann Bennett is a skilled marriage and family therapist with vast experience in providing mental health diagnosis and treatment. She is the co-founder of the Center for Treatment and Assessment, a non-profit organization for mental health in New Jersey.

Bennett has committed her life to assisting people in need of mental healthcare. A holder of MA and Ed.S. in marriage as well as family therapy, Bennett is a licensed family therapist. She has post master’s certification in cognitive behavior from REACH Institute. She also holds a certificate in clinical and adolescent trauma.

Roseann Bennett is passionate about helping people regain their normal lives through the Center for Treatment and Assessment. She admits that it took her several years of commitment and perseverance to create the successful organization. With her partner, Dr. Todd Bennett, they are committed to assisting families and friends receive proper mental health regardless of their income levels or insurance cover. Being an entrepreneur, Roseann Bennett has invested in caregiving. Go Here to learn more about Bennett.

She works tirelessly to change the people’s perception regarding therapy by making it accessible to everyone. During the “Mental Health Awareness Week”, Dr. Bennett addressed a new trend in the healthcare sector: telemedicine. According to her, new advances in technology have been made to ease the process of providing therapy to patients. Patients can now book appointments through text, emails, and Skype.


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