Sometimes Doctors Are At Fault For Addictive Opioid Use

It is safe to say that doctors do not want a patient to suffer needlessly, so they prescribe the necessary pain medication to ease discomforts. When a pain medication is found that makes the patient forget about the pain, then that is the medication that the doctor keeps prescribing. There has been much controversy in recent months about the prescribed use of opioid drugs. These drugs are used mostly for chronic pain, like the pain due to cancer or other disabling illness. The drugs are very addictive, but they may be the only medication that gets the desired results. At some point, the doctor has to be mindful of the length of time that a patient is on these drugs.

Prolonged use of anything is not always the best practice. There are many doctors who will write prescriptions just to appease the patients, even though it may not be best for them. In an update of a law suit filed in the Madison County, Alabama, the patient was given prescriptions for the addictive drug for no apparent reason. The family of Felicia Ann Kelly filed the law suit against Dr. Celia LLoyd Turney claiming that the doctor prescribed and dispensed many controlled substances which included opioids, and benzodiazepines to Ms. Kelly for medical purposes that were not legitimate. Your text to link…

This is not the only such case filed in the nation. In many instances, the over supply of drugs can not only lead to addiction, but the illegal sales of drugs on the streets. One has to wonder if this is not what was happening in this case. Some doctors are corrupt enough to delve into such an idea. The patient does the selling and get all of the drugs that they want, and the doctor gets the majority of the kick back from it. This is a horrible situation to even think about, but it does happen.