Rodrigo Terpins Talks About His Experience At The 22nd Edition of the Sertoes Rally

The 22nd Edition of the Sertoes Rally was a much-awaited event, with rally drivers from all over Brazil coming together to partake in one of the most significant events of the season. One of the more notable participants of this event was Rodrigo Terpins, the well-known rally driver who has participated in most of the notable rally events in the company during the past few years. Terpins has a massive fan following and is considered to be a well-known name in the industry. His presence at the event was much awaited, and the events that were to follow were also things that the rally driver looked forward to.



During the event, Rodrigo Terpins participated with Fabricio Bianchini, who is also another notable name in the sport. The duo competed in the Prototypes T1 category, which was one of the more notable categories within the event. Terpins finished eighth among the rest of the competition, which had over thirty-eight participants in total. Check out




One of the things that particularly caught people’s attention during the event was the car that  Terpins was using during the event. This car, which was numbered #326, showed an incredible amount of promise during the event and was something that much complemented the skill and expertise that the car demonstrated.




In an interview, Terpins stated that the vehicle gave him an incredible experience, and was something that showed an incredible amount of promise. He said that he was impressed with the overall performance, and is a vehicle that he looks forward to driving once again in the future.



Even though the car was brilliant by itself, it was something that requires a lot of attention from professionals and specialists. Terpins had to have a specialized team along with him to help tend to the vehicle that he was using, and to ensure that everything was running smoothly, and as intended. The team, along with Terpins managed to make the best use of the vehicle, which in turn yielded brilliant results.



Since the event, Terpins has participated in several others and has tried on some different vehicles at events similar to these.


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