Why ‘Avaaz’ Fights For Animal Rights

Why ‘Avaaz’ Fights for Animal Rights

Animals do have a right not to be exploited and abused by humans, however, there is a great misunderstanding of what exactly this means. This does not imply that the animals will enjoy neither the same rights as the humans nor placing the animals above the humans. The welfare of the animals does not march their needs. According to many activists, including as Avaaz, their rights are based on their species and the know-how that they have the ability to undergo suffering.

How do I stop Animal Abuse?

You should read your regional, local or federal laws to comprehend what is instituted on animal abuse and what needs to be done as regards the law. You can reach such laws online or by physically making a call to your nearest authority to find out the animal laws or related policies. This will help you understand more on how to stop animal abuse.

You can also decide to abstain from using products that are initially tested on some animals. This includes products that range from pharmaceuticals to cosmetics. Organizations that advocates for animal rights such as Avaaz, are not in tandem with the use of such products for a number of reasons. When these tests are being done on the animals they result in side effects that seriously damage the biological being of the animal more so they cause enormous pain to these animals. Some, in the end, succumb to the painful tests and die eventually.

You should be keen to note all the products that have been tested on animals and try as much as possible not to make any purchases of such products. Many a product contains some ingredients that are gotten from some specific animals. Have an observant eye and check for these ingredients before purchasing one. Such products may include perfume, toothpaste, hair conditioners and even shampoos. If and when you spot any of these, rethink of buying that product.

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