Nick Vertucci Tells All in His New Book

Nick Vertucci, founder of NV Real Estate Academy, is all about seeing it, believing it, mapping it, and executing it. This is the trend that he follows, and he has found great success. He is pretty stoked about the new trend of entrepreneurship that is coming back, and he is thankful to live in the greatest country.

He has had his fair share of challenges, but he has overcome them and now he is sharing his secrets in his book, “Seven Figure Decision.” In it, he offers really good advice and the steps that everyone should take in order to succeed.

Nick Vertucci faces his opposition head in, and he is helping people all over eth world to gain the skills and mindset necessary to become successful in the real estate market. Many of his tools for success can also be applied to many different aspects of your life.

Nick Vertucci got the idea to start his own real estate company when he changes his outlook on life. He found a system that worked, and he felt that he was really on to something. He wanted to teach his strategy to others and is on a mission to help others to find their own success.

Nick Vertucci came from a humble beginning, and he could have easily become deflated dejected and given up years ago but instead, he decided to take control of his future, and that is exactly what he did.

His book is inspiring and talks about his rise to success as well as how to become successful in the real estate market despite how much money you have or where you are at this point in your life. It will motivate you to find your own success and is written by a very in-demand speaker and motivator.

Nick Vertucci On His Rise To Success As A Real Estate Guru

Nick Vertucci is taking charge of his career and helping others along the way. With a booming real estate business, academy, and book, the successful entrepreneur does not show any signs of slowing down. He started his own company called Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc and is currently the chief executive officer. Thousands of people have signed up for his programs, seminars, and workshops so they can learn from Nick’s experience and knowledge. He has been through his share of ups and downs, but persevered in the end to create a great life for himself and his family. Mr. Vertucci wants his students to know, no matter where you are from or what you do, you can become successful like him.

In school, Nick was not every scholastic. He did not like the confines of having to wake up early in the morning. He did not foresee furthering his education after he finished high school. After moving out at 18, Nick found himself homeless, living out of the van he purchased. Four years later after much struggle, Vertucci started selling computer parts as a business. It was going really well until the dot com crash in 2000. This left Nick and his growing family in a lot of debt. Not knowing what to do, Vertucci continued going into more debt and felt powerless. On day that all changed when he was approached by a dear friend. This friend would convince him to attend a real estate seminar as his guest. This weekend seminar would completely change his life for the better. He eagerly learned everything he could, and years later became a self-made millionaire. At that point, Nick founded the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy to help others. He is also the proud author of his first book called “Seven Figure Decisions,” which is now a bestseller.

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