Recent Giuliani Statements Could Hurt Legal Position Of President Trump

Rudy Giuliani, a recent add-on to the legal advisory team of United States President Donald Trump, drew the ire of other members of the team recently with comments he made while speaking to analyst Sean Hannity on Fox News. Many on the team believe that comments Giuliani made regarding payments President Trump made to attorney Michael Cohen as reimbursement for hush money the lawyer paid to adult film actress Stormy Daniels to be a serious deviation from established strategy agreed upon by the legal team.

Giuliani may have done serious damage to the defense of President Trump later in the interview when he alleges that James Cohen was terminated as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation because he wouldn’t give Trump assurance that he was not the focal point of an ongoing investigation. Giuliani furthered the thought by suggesting that Hillary Clinton did, in fact, receive such an insurance when she requested it and that when the same consideration was not issued to Trump he made the decision to fire him so that he could be “free of this guy.”

Other members of the Trump legal team felt that Giuliani blindsided them and believe the statements made by the former New York City Mayor damages the position the team has taken that Comey was in fact fired due to his handling of the investigation regarding her use of a private email server while performing her duties as the Secretary of State.

Barbara McQuade, a law professor at the University of Michigan, agrees with members of the Trump legal team and says that the comments can possibly be quite damaging to the president’s cause. McQuade explains that any demand made to former Director Comey publicly state that President Trump was not the subject of an investigation constituted an obstruction of justice.

Giuliani did not consult with members of the recently assembled legal team before speaking to Hannity but says he did speak to the president both before and after his appearance on Fox network.