Orange Coast College

Students from Orange Coast College recently had the opportunity to do something special. They were given the chance to experience something new, thanks to the individuals at DeNova homes. These students were allowed to spend time at DeNova Homes and to learn from those who work there. The students who spent time at DeNova Homes were allowed to tour some of the homes that this company has built. They were given the chance to learn more about each of the homes that they looked at, and they were given inspiration for their own futures. They had the opportunity to see what a great company is doing in their area.


Orange Coast College is located in Costa Mesa. This college is close to the beautiful beaches that Southern California has to offer. Those who attend the school have the chance to go and check out those beaches in their free time, and they always have a place where they can go to relax. Orange Coast College is one of the largest community colleges in the United States. This college has a lot going on, and it is able to help a number of students each year. This college is always looking to push its students forward in the best way possible. Learn more:


Those who attend Orange Coast College have the chance to take part in a number of different programs in order to get the kind of education that is right for their lives. Those who are a part of this school can receive the education that they are seeking through the training programs that it has available. Learn more:


Orange Coast College Opens A New, Larger Recycling Center

A new, bigger recycling center was recently opened on the campus of Orange Coast College. The recycling center is available for the use of both students and the public. The new recycling center cost over $7 million and it took construction crews almost one and a half years to complete the job. The facility is located on five acres and is just off Adams Avenue. In a ribbon cutting ceremony the staff that handles recycling at Orange Coast College officially opened the new facility.
While Orange Coast College has offered a recycling service for about 40 years the facility that was replaced was quite a bit smaller than the new one. The parking area, in particular, is much larger. The new center can accommodate five times as many cars at a time compared to the older one. It also features new accommodations for the staff including showers, offices, a meeting area, and mixed-use rooms. It will be open each day of the week.
Many people take their items to Orange Coast College in order to have them recycled. The recycling center can take many types of materials. This includes glass containers, aluminum and tin cans, metal scraps, old appliances, paper and cardboard, and some types of plastic. It will also take in electronics such as televisions, computers, and the like. They will pay for some types of materials to be recycled, such as HDPE plastic which gets 56 cents a pound. Learn more:
Due to the recycling center, the environment is saved in a number of ways. A large amount of energy is saved that would otherwise be used to handle the materials as trash. Also, as less material goes into landfills, forest land is saved that would otherwise have to be logged to make space for all of the extra trash. Learn more:
Orange Coast College is a two-year community college. It has been educating people in Southern California for 60 years. The lower-division classes that it offers can be transferred to other educational institutions such as four-year universities, which many students make use of. Each semester at this college there are about 24,000 students in attendance.