Aloha Construction Inc A Market Leader In Construction

Aloha Construction opened its doors in Lake Zurich when their first office was established. Then a small family office would later grow to what it is now with a presence in Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Aloha has expanded aggressively under Dave Farbaky the CEO and president of the company. A man of relatively conservatively demeanor the forty-eight-year-old CEO has ensured that customer relations and professionalism are the pinnacles that the company is built on. He has been able to establish reasonably priced services that meet different customer needs while ensuring the availability of a variety of designs and materials for all services provided.


Aloha Constructions supports the Dave Farbaky Foundation. The foundation engages in various projects that are meant for the betterment of all and a way of thanking it for helping the success they enjoy today. The foundation has been able to organize kid shopping spheres to help children from less privileged families enjoy the same quality of life that their peers enjoy.


The company specializes in a number of areas that include roofing, gutter, sidings repair and maintenance of windows and doors as well as general refurbishment. Repair and renovation may seem like a tough job by all standards, but with professionals, this quickly changes as they can identify specifics while guiding clients on what works best but at the same time taking into consideration what their preferences are. Click Here for additional information.


Siding may involve reconstruction of entire house exteriors this is no simple job by any means, but it needs to be done as it ensures that the house is adequately insulated. Sidings also play other important roles such as giving the home character and increasing its value. The experts at Aloha Construction are well trained to ensure that for every material available they can work with it and achieve the best possible outcome.


Aloha Construction also believes in working within customer budget, and that’s why they have created a wide array of subcontractors and suppliers who provide materials in an affordable and timely manner. Aloha Construction is a Better Business Bureau accredited business since 2008 and has earned an A+ rating.


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