How Eli Gershkovitch Made Steamworks So Successful

After Eli Gershkovitch had graduated from law school, he wanted a break before settling into a routine career. This was why he enrolled for some art classes at the université de ski in Grenoble. On weekends he used to explore the French Alps.


During this time, Eli Gershkovitch was exposed to Belgian beer. He also visited a microbrewery which impressed him without intimidating him.


Today he has a highly successful restaurant that is located in Gastown. It is called Steamworks. He is assisted by Walter Cosman, who looks after the brewery side of this business.


Eli Gershkovitch has taken 30,000 sq.ft. of space that is near the Burnaby boundary ( He will be turning it into a production facility. He will be pumping out 90,000 six packs of Steamworks pale ale along with pilsner from here annually. Besides, it will be pumping out around 800 of their 12-packs of seasonal brews. This would include the Christmass Blitzen and others. Just six months earlier Eli Gershkovitch has launched the Steamworks beer bottles.


This does not mean that the law degree of Eli Gershkovitch has been wasted. He has worked earlier in Vancouver. Over here he was working on liquor licenses for clients. This made him familiar with the liquor license rules. He learned how to get these to work for him. Now he is a business owner. But he is still practicing law for his business. Due to his knowledge of the law, he has the confidence, contacts as well as credibility that have turned this corner of Gastown into a popular tourist’s destination.


Eli Gershkovitch was happy practicing law. But he was keen to produce something that was tangible. This is why he changed his line of work at the end of the day.


The Steamworks building was built in the 1890s. Today it houses a nautical store that is called the Quarter Deck and a Ralph Lauren store too (BeerMe). But Eli Gershkovitch just loves this space. People were skeptic about opening up a new beer hall. But Eli Gershkovitch proved all of them wrong. He provided people a place where they could drink beer that had been made on site!