Read About Shervin Pishevar’s February 2018 Tweetstorm Right Here, Right Now – Even If You Already Have

Shervin Pishevar is a popular investor based in California known for his involvement in Uber, Virgin Hyperloop One, Freewebs, as well as WebOS and Sherpa Capital, a digital blog publication network and investment management firm, respectively, both of which he founded without any outside help.

Though Shervin Pishevar isn’t as popular or well-accomplished as Warren Buffett – who is that astronomically successful, anyway? – the venture capitalist is known around the cultures of United States commerce, domestic financial instrument exchanges, and recent tech startups as a successful participant in such fields. The single father has raised many millions of dollars for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the pair’s three total large-scale presidential campaigns for Obama’s two consecutive bids in 2008 and 2012, as well as Clinton’s and the Democratic National Committee’s shot at United States presidency.

Further, most people aren’t aware that Shervin Pishevar advocated for free, untethered, open use of the World Wide Web across Egypt in early 2017 immediately after the Middle Eastern, pyramid-hosting country’s government effectively shut down the use of the Internet by both lifelong citizens and transient residents within the nation. He created the nonprofit organization Open Mesh Project that has since facilitated Internet access across the country by transforming Egyptians’ laptops, desktops, and other modern tech devices into routers, creating a network or “mesh” of points of access to the Internet.

Shervin Pishevar’s infamous, largely-accurate February 2018 tweetstorm has also gained the finance-cum-tech guru popularity. Here are a few noteworthy tweets the intelligent-minded tirade published over 24-odd hours contained.

Pishevar shared in his 19th tweet that that bond market would rally soon before failing due to global trade concerns stemming from the Trump administration’s threats to China, Canada, Mexico, and virtually every other country.

In the investor’s first tweet, Mr. Pishevar predicted the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock index would drop some 6,000 points throughout 2018. Though it didn’t drop that much – only roughly 2,700 points – 2018 is only halfway done.

He also claimed that “while we build [physical and cultural] walls to keep out immigrant talent,” such brainiacs don’t have to come to the United States anymore to become successful, effectively lowering the relative performance of the United States’ economy in respect to other nations’.

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