An In-Depth Look at the Supreme Court Case and It’s Possible Outcomes in Regards to Online Gambling

The gambling scene within the United States is a controversial subject in regards to the many parties that have interests in the industry. Online gamblers have often had to look to travelling to the state of Nevada, foreign countries, or other grey areas in order to enjoy the passive hobby of online gambling.

Legislation is beginning to be proposed in several states to introduce regulations for daily-fantasy sports, one of the more controversial gambling topics, considering that different perceptions exist to whether this is a form of gambling or a skill-based game. For now, many states either do not regulate daily-fantasy sports websites like DraftKings, or DraftKings chooses to not provide services in certain markets to better comply with local laws.

With an on-going United States Supreme Court case with New Jersey, it is expected that a precedent will soon be set to whether online wagering will become legal in the United States. Some online players will continue to play on unregulated off-shore gaming sites that inherit large amounts of risk to its players, while others continue to avoid online gambling until some form of local legislation is introduced.

Within the next sixty days a lot of questions will have answers, and the online gambling industry in the United States could significantly change in either direction. DraftKings has expressed interest in creating a sportsbook, but understands that it will have to be patient or find a sneaky method of getting around PASPA, better known as the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. This act makes it impossible for sites to offer sports gambling anywhere except Nevada, and a select few other states.