Labor Unions Fight New Supreme Court Law

As the economy continues to change, many people want new protections offered by labor unions. In many industries, automation has played a major role in taking away the jobs of numerous people. As a result, there are millions of people who have to find work in other industries.

Labor unions help protect workers in various ways. Not only do labor unions fight for the rights of workers, but they also provide an organized support system for members. In a recent announcement, the Supreme Court proclaimed that it would uphold a law that is not favorable to labor unions. This was disappointing news to many workers. However, labor unions across the country have decided to fight this case.

Labor Union Trends

Over the past few years, the amount of people in labor unions has decreased. As more jobs in the manufacturing industry go other places, fewer people are involved in labor unions. The power of labor unions has also declined in recent years.

This is starting to change with additional automation in various industry. There are new industries impacted that were not affected in the past. For example, many people in the accounting industry are changing jobs due to new technology. There are software programs that can take the place of some accounting positions. This is just one example of the impact of new technology on the economy.

Fighting the Ruling

One positive aspect about labor unions is that these groups of people have a ton of money to use in support of a cause. Each person who is involved in a union has to pay money each year as dues. Some unions have millions of dollars to use in support of a cause. Although the recent Supreme Court ruling was a disappointment, many people are hopeful for changes in the coming years.