Corporate And Individual Taxes To Get Cut In The Proposed Republican Tax Bill

As written in an article by Rachel Gerber on 2nd November 2017, the JURIST, also known as the Committee on Ways and Means of the Republican Controlled House of Representatives released a proposal on jobs act and tax reduction. Kevin Brady, who chairs the committee, introduced the so-called Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Thursday this week.


Paul Ryan, the House Speaker, co-sponsored Kevin Brady’s proposal. According to the article, Brady emphasized that the bill intended to help the American people who belonged to the low and the middle class. He further said that the American legislation got wholly focused on:

  • Growing the economy
  • Taking the jobs back to the local communities
  • Increase salaries for the workers
  • Ensuring that Americans got to save more of their earnings.

Rachel Garber indicated in the article that the proposed Act will not only lower tax rates for all the earning Americans within the low and middle class but will also lower business taxes. The article further explains that the Child Tax will get expanded and renamed the Family Credit to accommodate additional aid and support. Tax Credit will get added to the new Family Credit. High earning Americans will retain their usual tax rate of 39.6 percent. Rachel further indicates that the estate tax will get phased out by the end of the year 2023.


The article got published on Paper Chase, the JURIST’s news service provider. Comprising of a team of 30 editors and reporters who are law students, the Paper Chase provides real-time legal news. The team gets led by a university professor, Bernard Hibbitts, who teaches law at Pittsburg School of Law. The paper offers an educational service which explains why they get dedicated to presenting critical legal news. The format used in the presentation is accessible. The news is not only presented intelligently but also objectively. The materials get spread and presented rapidly.

Geoffrey Cone Offers a Variation of Trust Expertise

Geoffrey Cone has recently been featured in one the New Zealand Business Weekly magazine due to the development of a new trust law consultation service at his law firm, Cone Marshall. Cone is widely regarded as New Zealand’s best tax and trust establishment attorney. The executive and his partner, Karen Marshall, have a combined forty years of trust establishment expertise and have chosen to offer this expertise to the large population of tax attorneys who own practices in New Zealand. During his most recent interview, Cone described the assets that he brings to Cone Marshall executive team with regards to the development of trust establishment programs for attorneys. Cone stated that he is qualified to develop trust establishment programs because of his background in a variation of trust laws, experience as a leader of other attorneys, and excellent reputation as a expert in trust establishment policies in New Zealand.


Qualifications Based On Background

Geoffrey Cone briefly discussed the way that his background has prepared him to develop trust establishment programs at the Cone Marshall law firm. Geoffrey Cone is known in New Zealand as the go-to attorney for all trust establishment processes for good reason. The tax and trust establishment attorney has successfully practiced trust establishment law for two decades and has been educating attorneys for even longer. Geoffrey Cone believes that any attorney with expertise in a given field is morally obligated to contribute to the well being of other attorneys in the local area.


Experience as a Leader of Attorneys

Cone also discussed his leadership of his fellow attorneys in relation to his qualification as a trust establishment program developer. Cone stated that his ability to successfully lead his peers has been well documented and established throughout his career. The executive stated that he has thoroughly developed his ability to lead attorneys and is currently excited to have the opportunity to offer advisement.


Excellent Reputation as Expert in Establishment of Trusts in New Zealand

Geoffrey Cone also listed his reputation for excellence in the New Zealand trust establishment industry. Cone stated that this reputation was developed over a long period of time through his own diligence and hard work. Cone believes that this reputation is proof that he has the ability to formulate legal practices and make them extremely successful. Cone closed his interview by stating that Cone Marshall representatives were currently accepting inquiries about the trust establishment program.