The New Tax Bill Law Might Make You Mad Too

A Disney Heiress has plenty to say about the new Tax Bill that might affect you in a very dramatic way. If the bill becomes the new tax law, millions might get as angry as this Disney Heiress. The name of the heiress is Abigail Disney. Certainly, the name is very familiar to people in this country that grew up loving Mickey Mouse and other assorted Disney Characters. Abigail Disney is the granddaughter of Walt Disney Company Co-founder, Roy O. Disney.

The Rich Get Richer
Every American that is not rich or worth several million dollars will be negatively affected by the new Tax Bill. Abigail Disney is not all that happy about that fact. She noted that the bill will entitle her to a big fact tax cut, while other Americans that are not rich will lose a lot of their benefits. For example, the new tax bill will cut off health insurance benefits to millions of Americans that are struggling to keep up with the changing economy.

Why New Tax Law Might Destroy The American Dream
The American Dream for millions of kids is to grow up and find a decent job. The ideal is to have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosper through getting an education and working hard to rise up the ladder of success. However, the new tax law will destroy the middle class and poor families that are inspired by the American Dream of success. This is something that the Disney heiress believes in strongly.

The Disney Heiress, Abigail Disney, strongly believes that someone is going to pay big for the tax cut. Those that are going to pay are the middle class and poor in this country. She states that she is mad about the tax cut situation and she hopes that more Americans start to feel the same way too.