Talk Fusion the Future of Business

Despite coming onto the scene in 2007, Talk Fusion has continued to stick to it’s goal of helping businesses stay ahead of any competition all while increasing sales and profits. The way they have been able to do so is by allowing companies to make their marketing more engaging by allowing them to market using video. It has become so popular that it is now available in over 140 countries worldwide. It’s most recent addition is an app that allows video chat, once again being innovative and staying ahead of the game.


The Fusion on the Go app is already full of great features that allow businesses to stay ahead of competition in the ever changing world of business. It is available on both Google Play and iTunes. This means you are able to download it on Apple devices such as iPads and iPhones as well as Android devices. After download you will have access to an app that makes it easy to connect with your contacts. This app will allow you to send video email to your clients, this feature makes your company stand out as a company that not only is but will continue to stay ahead of other businesses.


The major advantage of being able to send video based emails is you are able to personalize messages for your customers, team members or even vendors. This will help draw more attention to your company and allow you to stand out which in turn allows for more business, which in turn will help your business grow to new heights.


The interface is so cutting edge that from one portal you can create your video email, brand your company’s graphics onto the video choosing between a large number of pre-made templates. After creating this video email you then have the option of sending this email to one individual or thousands with the same ease.


Recently this app has undergone a few modifications. It now offers picture messaging along with the ability to set up chat rooms based on the desired country. You also have the ability to chat with many friends simultaneously as well as being to able to see which friends are currently online. This is all offered with unlimited messaging as well as the ability to archive conversations. All this is offered free of advertisements as well.

Another great thing about this app is how user-friendly the setup and use are. This allows you to begin using it without a lengthy learning curve. This app is here to be a powerful tool for your business without being impossible to use. It is truly the app for the business of the future but available today.m Learn more:

The Success Trail of NewsWatch Television Show.

NewsWatch is a television program that is hosted by Andrew Tropeano. The show attracts more than six hundred and fifty celebrities across the United States and various entertainers. NewsWatch television program airs its content fortnightly. The networks that stream the content are AMC Network and ION Network in the U.S. The show entails news reporters who gather information on breakthroughs, finance, travel, the introduction of new products, public policy issues, entertainment, automotive, celebrities, legal matters and Charities among others. Erick Forrest, Amanda Forstrom, and Susan Bridges serve the staff of NewsWatch in Washington, Dc, with reports they collect from various sources.


Since NewsWatch tv began to air its content in the United States, it has an incredible reputation from entertainers, personalities, and households in the United States. Over one thousand episodes have been produced in the past 25 years, receiving over seven hundred million views. Over ninety million households view each episode of the show through streaming in their various homes. NewsWatch television show invites several Hollywood celebrities to air their opinions concerning trending issues. Different events by the show featured stars like Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Colin Firth, Eddie Redmayne, Denzel Washington, Bradley Cooper, Will Smith, Mila Kunis and Chris Pratt among others.


The television show influences marketing of products and services by various companies. NewsWatch provides a platform, which companies can promote their line of products. The television program markets products through streaming them in social media channels and online networks, making households familiar with the commodities. During a crowdsourcing event, NewsWatch assisted Avanca manufacturing firm to market mobile lifestyle accessories they produce. The show helped the entrance of Saygus smartphones into the market, during a mobile congress held in Barcelona. SteelSeries also received support from the television show to air their gaming peripherals and accessories. NewsWatch promoted Ockel, a sister company of Avanca firm.


Eric Pulier The Technological Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is one of the entrepreneurs who have enough trajectory energy to reach the sky. His innovations in technology make him fit in this category of entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, public speaker, technologist, philanthropist, columnist, author, financial sponsor and originator of many companies, Eric Pulier’s stunning achievements have made him very famous.

On the Mall in Washington, D.C., his concept for the display portrayed the role in entertainment, manufacturing, and education to name but a few according to Bloomberg. In cloud computing, Eric has won many awards through his success in enterprise technology. He showed signs of innovative tendencies since he was in fourth grade where he developed programming skills. Eric Pulier was interested in technology while others were only interested in other fields like mathematics and grammar. After his graduation from the Harvard University, he turned to technological innovation contrary to his other undergraduate students who focused on American literature and English language. With his magma cum laude degree, he went to Los Angeles for a future in technology.

While in Los Angeles, he started his first venture; People Doing Things in 1991. The organization aimed to promote healthcare and education to mention just but a few through the use of technology. Later on, he founded Digital Evolution which merged with US interactive LLC. Starbright World, ServiceMesh, Media Platform, Desktone, and Atakana were other major startups that Eric Pulier founded. Through Starbright World, Eric explained his dedication to helping the society through contributions and also providing motivation and inspiration. It has helped hospitalized children to communicate through the internet in more than 700 healthcare facilities and hospitals in the United States. His advice to those who want to become entrepreneurs to keep in mind that innovation is for the whole world and everyone should have access to re-invent and maintain the world going. Through his latest innovation named vAtomic systems where he is the CEO, he is pursuing cloud computing where he is developing an asset for mobile devices to ease trading during online transactions and also help in tracking digital products.

Apart from his work in technological developments, Eric Pulier is a prominent philanthropist. He is actively involved in charity activities meant to help the needy in the society. He is particularly involved in helping people with multiple sclerosis conditions learn more about it. Together with others, Eric Pulier created a social media platform called Starbright World. This is a platform through which children suffering from chronic diseases would share their own experience with no interference from the external world.

“Talk Fusion On The Importance Of Trainig “

All About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a company that is dedicated to video marketing. The technology that is used by Talk Fusion is unmatched by any other company. Talk Fusion is able to leverage the power of video email and video marketing in order to help individuals to grow their businesses. Talk Fusion is a company that does business in more than 140 countries in the world. Talk Fusion empowers individuals in order to help them to reach for the stars. The founder and CEO of Talk Fusion is Bob Reina. He is an individual who is dedicated to giving to charity and to improving the lives of others. Reina wants to make sure that his company consistently supports numerous charitable funds, so he encourages the associates of talk fusion to make significant contributions to a wide range of different organizations around the world.


About Talk Fusion Training

PRNewswire did an article about Talk Fusion’s training program called Talk Fusion University. This is a university that is a virtual hub in which associates from Talk Fusion can receive training from the CEO of the company. This is not just any novice education because Bob Reina is an individual who has more than 25 years of experience when it comes to network marketing. Reina assist his associates when it comes to the four step process that aided him in his success journey. Reina understands that it is important to work as a team. That is especially true for Talk Fusion; it has associates from all around the world. In order to have good income it is important to focus not on what works for one person, but on what works for the entire team. Learn more:


This Talk Fusion University has over 30 videos that give the step-by-step strategies that Talk Fusion uses in its marketing process. Not only are the videos included in this training, but there are various written documents that an individual can read as well. This Talk Fusion University was launched in English, Bahasa and it is going to be translated into Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Hungarian, and German.