6 Things You Shouldn’t Do to the Flag

Here are some things that people do to the American flag that are considered disrespectful according to the Flag Code.


  1. Wearing American Flag Patterned Clothing


The U.S. Flag Code 176, letter D, states that the U.S. flag pattern is not to be used as wearing apparel. This means that all those flag printed bikinis, button-up shirt, socks, and even those Old Navy flag shirts, can be considered disrespectful.


  1. The Flag Shouldn’t Be Displayed Flat or Horizontally


The flag must never touch the ground. Most people know this, but only a few know that the flag has to be displayed vertically. The U.S Flag Code 176, letter C, states that the American flag should never be held horizontally.


  1. Disposable Flag Products


Using disposable flag printed cups and plates can be considered disrespectful. Therefore, think twice before buying any of those flag printed plates or cups.


  1. Using the Flag for Advertising Purposes


During Independence Day, you will see a lot of brand products being decorated with the U.S. flag. Well, according to the law, using the flag to advertise brand products is strictly prohibited.


  1. Using the Flag on Costumes or Athletic Uniform


Teams in the NBA, NFL and other leagues normally sell and wear jerseys and other athletic gear featuring the United States flag. However, the Flag Code states that no portion of the flag should be used as an athletic uniform or costume. Only a flag patch can be used on policemen, firemen, military personnel and members of patriotic organizations uniforms.


  1. Drawing on the Flag


Attaching or placing any drawing, figure, letter, mark or insignia on the flag is illegal. In simple words, don’t add anything to the U.S. flag or even edit a picture over the flag.


The Flag Code has it that the flag should not bear any mark, word, letter, figure, design or drawing of any nature.