Netflix Losing on Opportunities by reverting to Theatrical Releases

Acclaimed film writer and director, Christopher Nolan has decided to speak on Netflix move to produce theatrical films against the possibility of streaming. According to the contemporary movie maker, Netflix is losing a precious opportunity. Christopher Nolan is a globally renowned disruptive force in the entertainment industry. His film, Memento, for instance, is a standing evidence of his prowess in his practice.

In 2014, he saw his epic sci-fi film, Interstellar, elicit some inspiring reception from the fans, having made it to the world box office. That is not all, Nolan is expected to once again shake the entertainment waters this week with his highly anticipated drama, Dunkirk. The movie is based on the World War II events that saw the highly criticized purging of the British and other Allied nations from Nazi territories during the 1940s.

IndieWire recently published his conversation with the director regarding the parameters used by Hollywood in studio systems and was even more critical of Netflix’s move to digital distribution models. “Netflix harbors a bizarre obsession to support theatrical movies.” He continued, “They never consider that having everything streamed and released in quick succession is the only viable option module for theatrical films.”

This migration to theatrical releases by Netflix still dominates most debates in the entertainment and award programs. During the Cannes Film Festival, Pedro Almodovar dejected movies that utilize streaming services from partaking in the highly coveted awards. Following this surprising decision, The Meyerowitz Stories by Noah Baumbach and Okja, by Bong Jun Ho won’t stand a chance at the competition.

Unlike the financial input that went into the advertising and promotion of Jurassic Park, which bagged virtually $ 31 million in television adverts, theatrical films lack the monetary backing to scale the entertainment market. Rather, their prospects of promoting the films are strongly pegged on reviews gathered from film festival: just as reiterated by Nolan.

While a star-studded movie may elicit interests from big production houses, small films hardly have that lucky breakthrough. They hope to realize financial returns through the sales of DVDs and the ever-changing Video On Demand market.