Dr. Saad Saad

In Dr. Saad Saad’s over forty years of experience as a pediatric surgeon, he has performed thousands of procedures on children and has invented his own techniques and devices. Throughout his career, he and his staff had the collective goal to treat each child with compassion and attentiveness as if they were their own. This attitude led Dr. Saad Saad to be the recipient of the Compassionate Doctor Certification by Vitals. This certification was presented to Dr. Saad Saad based on the excellent ratings by his patients concerning his bedside manner and quality of care in 2014.


Before retirement, Dr. Saad Saad had affiliations with several hospitals in and around the Eatontown, New Jersey area. In the United States, he is board-certified to practice Pediatric Surgery and is accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in General and Pediatric Surgery. At the K Hovnanian Children’s Hospital, he was the Co-Medical Director and Surgeon-in-Chief through the Hackensack Meridian Health Care System.


The Palestinian born Dr. Saad Saad was raised in Kuwait with his parents and 7 brothers and sisters. Out of these 8 children, he was one of three surgeons, four engineers, and a teacher. As a refugee, Dr. Saad Saad was given the motivation to succeed as he did not have a choice otherwise after growing up extremely poor. In 1965, he was set on becoming an engineer during his high school years in Kuwait. After witnessing his two older engineer brothers working in the sweltering heat at construction jobs in the Kuwait summertime, he changed his career path to a surgeon. This decision ensured that he would almost always be working in an air-conditioned room.


The accomplished Dr. Saad Saad attended Cairo University for medical school and graduated in 1971. His education was furthered with two residencies at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and the Medical University of South Carolina with the assistance of Dr. H Biemann Othersen. Dr. Saad Saad is grateful for the opportunity to train under Othersen as he considers him to be the best in the United States when it comes to pediatric surgery. Through Dr. H Biemann Othersen, he learned the importance of treating each child the same no matter their religion, race, or financial status and he instilled the importance of kindness and hard work as a surgeon.


Dr. Saad Saad gives back by volunteering in Jerusalem to perform surgery on underprivileged children in the area along with local efforts. He and his wife have been married for 45 years and have 4 children. These children are all accomplished themselves as adults and 2 of them have followed in their father’s footsteps and have become surgeons. Learn more: https://www.meridianhealth.com/location/meridian-faculty-pediatric-surgery-eatontown/index.aspx

Clayton Hutson the Juggler

On concert days, at 6:30am in the morning, Clayton Hutson will be scouting the grounds. Checking the arena for any possible mishaps. He likes to have all the errands mapped out before the arrival of his staff. This way he can hand out duties efficiently and everyone can hit the ground running. Clayton is a self-professed perfectionist who likes to oversee every detail. Clayton prefers to have a hand in every facet of the concert this way he is sure that all is well done.


Clayton Hutson has worked in the industry for twenty years. During that time, he has amassed an eclectic skill set that allows him to handle the many moving parts of his business with grace. With an MBA from University of Michigan and BFA in theater design from Central Michigan University, Clay does not favor the traditional way to do things. He likes to step out of his comfort zone. Of particular interest to him are the technological advancements with regard to living concert production. He likes to stay abreast of advancements and upgrades as a way of staying ahead of the curve.


To design a good stage one needs to be creative albeit practical. Clay possesses a unique and rare mix of these two qualities. The result is ideas that delight clients and earn him a good reputation in the industry. As a testament to his abilities, he has worked with some of the biggest names in rock ‘n’ roll. He continues to be well sought after, despite his many years in the industry and entrance of fresh new talent.


This man believes that there is no force strong enough to deter a willful person. He believes in the power of attitude. He owes his success to hard work and determination. He is well established but still will not let up. Clay believes that talent tramps over enthusiasm any day. He does not care much for political correctness as long as whoever he is working with knows their stuff and is committed to the craft. This is an idea that most people disagree with but who is to argue with an industry titan. Learn more: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm8799240/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Why End Citizens United Is Backing Congressional Candidate Conor Lamb

     There is an open US congressional seat in Pennsylvania’s 18th district. The special election will be held on March 13th and the two political candidates for it are a Democrat, Conor Lamb, and a Republican, Rick Saccone. The seat is up for grabs because the previous occupant, Republican Tim Murphy, had to resign. He had been one of the strongest advocates for bans on abortion in Congress but that story fell apart when it turned out he was carrying on an affair unbeknownst to his wife and urged the woman involved to have an abortion after he got her pregnant.

Conor Lamb is a strong candidate, although he is running in a district that has voted Republican for many years. He is 33 years old and has served in the Marines and has also been an assistant United States attorney. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee hasn’t supported him that well, though, but they did buy $224,000 worth of television ads to support his candidacy. The hope is that this funding will prompt other big donors to start contributing larger amounts to this race.

One of the bigger national political action committees to endorse Conor Lamb is End Citizens United. They back politicians who support campaign finance reform that will reduce the amount big corporations and PACS organized by the richest 1% can spend on any political campaign. Conor Lamb has pledged to support this cause which led to End Citizens United endorsing him.

Conor Lamb has been enthusiastically supported by labor unions in his district and his speaking events have drawn huge crowds. There is a high level of Democratic enthusiasm this election cycle because they are hoping to stop Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell’s gameplan of destroying the middle and lower classes so that the rich can get the vast majority of the benefit in regards to paying lower taxes.

End Citizens United came about when the U.S. Supreme Court made a ruling that corporations and people could spend as much as they desire on political races. This has undermined the country because many politicians are now completely beholden to these sources of their money. End Citizens United wants to put in office politicians who will put in place sensible campaign finance reform with the goal of ultimately introducing a constitutional amendment that enshrines what any one entity can give to politicians in an effort to buy them off.

Please read “End Citizens United PAC wants to make its name a reality” too for more.


From Automobiles to Airplanes: FAA Civilian Board Dick Devos Journey

Transportation technology can revolutionize the way that individuals and businesses move around the world. The State of Michigan has been a key cog in many American transportation developments. Now, Philanthropist Dick Devos is figuring out how to continue to have America lead in transportation industry developments.


Detroit Michigan Automobiles


The development of the gas combustion engine probably took place in Germany and America at about the same time. The advantages of America included a more developed capital system, which could assist with the growth of global automobile manufacturing plants in Detroit, Michigan. Henry Ford expanded the American lead in transportation by making automobiles more affordable.


Previously, there had been many automobile manufacturers who were willing to handcraft a car for their wealthy clientele. When Henry Ford perfected the assembly line, he dramatically lowered the cost of the automobile. Now, every man could afford this transportation wunderkind.


German cars were still reserved primarily for the wealthy. The Volkswagen model was intended more for the masses, but when it arrived on American shores, it was mostly a niche purchase by the young. The VW Slug Bug was cute.


Grand Rapids Michigan Airplanes


While Philanthropist Dick Devos might have grown up after they heyday of the automobile industry in Michigan, he did not fail to dream. He wanted the next generation to be able to soar into the sky. Therefore, the transportation focus of Dick Devos was on airplanes. Learn more:  https://www.crunchbase.com/person/dick-devos


He and his wife helped establish the West Michigan Aviation Academy out of the Grand Rapids, Michigan Gerald Ford International Airport. Notice how the Michigan airport is named after one of the descendants of Ford? American transportation developments seem to form foundations for one another.


Now, Pilot Dick Devos is training the next generation of aviators. Perhaps, one of them will take the transportation technology to the next dimension. Some of the transportation technology seems to be stuck. Maybe, Dick Devos can provide the ideas that can get America back in the driver’s seat.


American Transportation Industry


Now, Dick Devos has graciously accepted a new challenge. He has been appointed to the Federal Aviation Administration Civilian Board. Here, he can rub elbows with the brightest minds to find a way for America to continue to innovate with new modes of transportation technology.


From Henry Ford to Gerald Ford, the developments of great names in American transportation are built upon one another. Who knows, maybe Dick Devos’s name will be added to that special transportation Hall of Fame. Wait and see.

The influence of American Institute Architects

     American Institute of architects is a membership-based professional organization which is under the management of Robert Ivy who encourages the architects to think far beyond their field. The body is more concerned in designing and constructing more industries. Ivy also says that the organization is focusing on public health and resilience.

The organization has played a significant role in public health by draining swamps in Washington and building new houses in the region. This is the current Central Park in New York which is a recreational center. Residents were freed from diseases hence health status improved.

The activity of draining these swamps made people to be released from disease attacks. The main aim was to reduce challenges which had faced the region and do away with the substandard houses. Through its activities, the city of New York is becoming an international city where many events will be held.

The organization through improvement of infrastructure has led cities to overgrow, and the lives of many have significantly improved. The team has highly supported health and also brought new designs of houses in the nation of U.S. Through this many diseases have been reduced from attacking people.

It has also given university grants to many students hence promoting education. Although there have been other organizations, AIA has dominated very many activities in U.S. The New York City has been developed to grow by this organization through the development of industries and the nation has also expanded. AIA is focusing on improving services for health so that citizens can get medical attention in the most efficient way.

The organization also needs to collaborate with other organizations to get support as said by Ivy and improve in various activities. Although it is very dominant, Ivy does want the organization to work in an isolated way as isolation can bring about failing.

In realization of its goals, AIA has recently brought much advancement in the economy of U.S., and through this, the lives of citizens have been improved. Cities like New York have grown due to support from this organization. Through the creation of employment opportunities lives of many citizens have also improved.

AIA is very concerned about the welfare of the people, and it is trying to bring in new designs of building under the view of Ivy that the members should think beyond their field. Collaboration with other organizations will give it high support and provide more services efficiently to the citizens. The activities done by the organization lives of citizens have been highly improved.

Jeff Yastine’s Rich Legacy Of Financial Journalism

     Jeff Yastine serves as an Editorial Director of Banyan Hill Publishing. He has extensive experience in financial journalism. He joined the business publishing group in 2015. He also serves as the editor of Total Wealth Insider, a financial publication with a strong focus on alternative investment opportunities. He contributes to several journals at Banyan Hill. Some of these include Sovereign Investor Daily as well as Winning Investor Daily.

Jeff Yastine has had a sterling career as a financial journalist. He came to the spotlight as the anchor and Senior Correspondent for Nightly Business Report, a financial television program distributed to public television by the PBS network in the US and CNBC in Europe. The position earned him an Emmy nomination in 2007. The business award nomination recognized his contribution in creating awareness about the US’ underfunded public infrastructure.

The show also enabled him to interview world financial heavyweights such as Warren Buffet and Richard Branson among numerous others. He mastered his trade by working with the best in the industry. He spent more than fifteen years with the television network up to the end of 2010. He is proficient in a diverse range of sectors such as cybersecurity, retail, biopharmaceuticals, and the agricultural segment among others.

He is on record warning investors about the dot-com bubble years before it hit. Some of his notable assignments include covering BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill saga in 2010, Hurricane Katrina and the economic struggles it brought in 2005, the Panama Canal handover in 1999 and the effects of foreign investments in Cuba. In 2002, he won the Excellence in Financial Journalism Award, a recognition by the New York Society of Certified Public Accountants.

He also publishes his views on numerous online financial publications and blogs such as Seeking Alpha and TalkMarkets among multiple others. Before joining Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine worked for Newsmax Media as the Director of Financial Newsletters. The firm publishes numerous digital journals and is based in Florida.

Just before this, he worked as an Editorial Director of The Oxford Club, a part of The Agora group of companies. He was responsible for two membership-based financial journals until 2013.

Jeff Yastine graduated from the University of Florida in 1986 with a degree in electronic journalism. He is a top-rated journalist and a captivating storyteller. He is at home giving business and financial analysis as well as economic trends through the eyes of the story-makers including regular folk, business leaders, and investors.


Jeff Yastine Perfects his Model of Aiding Potential Investors into Able Millionaires

     The Banyan Hill Publishing is a global association of investment experts with experience and track record in the preservation of wealth and protection of assets. Banyan assists hundreds of Americans on a daily basis to make it through in their investment challenges, thus helping as many as possible achieve financial freedom.

Financial freedom comes when one can no longer fear to make a bold investment when one is assured that the principal is safe and when one can make independent decisions. This is freedom from troubling financial concerns, which plagues most of the citizens.

Why Banyan Hill

The name is derived from the banyan tree, considered mighty. As the tree matures and grows, the branches grow outward and spread down aerial roots deep to the ground. The tendrils eventually form a new stem or trunk, supporting the parent tree.

Real Life Situation

Banyans are able to withstand all kinds of disasters while extending and finding new opportunities for not only growth but rejuvenation. The customers are to be given support to eventually become their own pillars in the journey to financial freedom. Through assistance and research, you will be able to survive no matter the invisible hands that stand on your way.

Jeff Yastine

Jeff is the editor of the Total Wealth Insider. Yastine was introduced into the firm, the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015, owing to the fact that he had a two-decade experience in the stock and financial markets. He was the catalyst sought by the Banyan Hill Publishing.

Jeff is also a lead contributor to Banyan’s Sovereign Investor; assisting new investors to get the concepts of their new undertakings. Through this weekly release, investors are able to understand the economic and monetary challenges likely to be encountered. He has been able to create numerous opportunities for financial editors at the firm.

Awards and Feats

Yastine was nominated for the Emmy Awards as an anchor and correspondent by the Nightly Business Report in 1994 through to 2010. During his correspondence years, he interviewed financial magnets like Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson, and Mr. Michael Dell.

Through his reporting, he came across numerous opportunities for taking over the stocks and starting all over broken companies. He can handle any industry, from pharmaceuticals to the agricultural sector.

Landmark Pronouncements

Jeff warned investors and family owners on a number of occasions like:

 Hurricane Katrina in 2005 as well as its financial impacts

 Deepwater Horizon incident of 2010

 The impact of the Panama handover in 1999

Jeff Yastine was part of a team in 2002 that was recognized and awarded the New York Society of Accountants Excellence.

Karl Heideck Applauds Pennsylvania’s Improved Car Seat Law

     Karl Heideck has written numerous articles in the Philadelphia blog that works to enlighten the people on the new laws that are enacted in the state. Karl Heideck has a strong commitment to achieving better business in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry, his experience and majors when it comes to the rule of law have an impact on his representation capabilities in the world of legal representation, few people can compare their success to Karl Heideck. Perhaps this is the reason why his services are amassed on a massive scale for the past few decades.

Karl Heideck also talks about the new car seat belt laws that were enacted in the state. These are the laws that work towards adopting new strategies when you have children who are less than two years in the state. For those seeking better business, they can achieve their independent business solution in a manner that depicts their leadership in the country. Philadelphia is one of the few states that achieve better business through agitation techniques with massive rates of adoption. In the recent past, we have seen the commonwealth legislators. These laws enacted in the state are guided towards protecting the children from the harm caused in the event of an accident.

Auto accidents have been the leading cause of deaths for the children under the age of two, for this reason, the state decided to develop a new way of achieving their business results in a manner that depicts their intentions. If you are working towards assimilating working benefits, you could achieve your actions through active business investments to make you a better citizen. If you also follow the law in the state, you will never be at loggerheads with the police. This means that people must work towards being conversant with the new laws.

During this past year when the law was enacted, the police in Philadelphia used to warn the people of the danger of going against the law. However, the time for warnings is over, when you are caught with a child without the stated seat belts, you will be taken to court for charges.




Karl Heideck, a Talented Attorney

     Karl Heideck is a talented Pennsylvania council attorney who practices independently and has worked in different legal position. His primary practice is helping employers with risk management and compliance services. Karl is known to bear lots of skills in various areas of corporate law, commercial litigation, legal writing, employment law, legal research and product liability.

His Education

Karl Heideck obtained his degree in the year 2009 from Temple University James E. Beasley law school where he graduated with top honors. Before that, he had earned his undergraduate degree in the year 2003 from Swarthmore College where he was pursuing literature and English.

He is also a renowned blogger who helps his readers to understand the fundamental law on the different matter; the blog is known as “The mind of Karl Heideck.”

The Hire Counsel has listed Karl since April 2015, and he had practiced more than a decade in the greater Philadelphia area. He has worked as a project manager for the Pepper Hamilton LLP, and at Conrad O’Brien he has held an associates position. During his time in these two companies, he gained expertise in responding and filling to complaints and also pursued general law in the personal jurisdiction and post-trial fields.

New Law in Philadelphia

According to Karl, the Philadelphia law prohibits new employers from asking about your previous salary and business details. This new law was initiated in January 2017 and passed legally June 2017.It makes Philadelphia the first city in the United States to shun such requirements. The law also prohibits the employer from using any other channels to get your precious employment history, do research of how much his or her previous company paid or get other aspects containing her past job history. Any employers who violate the law may get a fine of more than $ 2000.00

Karl Heideck states that the corporate organization will be affected more by this law since it will be hard to gauge the starting salary for the new employee. Whether the law will remain or not, Karl states he is unsure since it was a rough road to get the bill approved. He is a great achiever and has been trusted because of his excellent skills in doing some assignments. He is in no doubt a leader in this field and a great achiever. He will be remembered for his excellent skills in writing and his mastery in some certain fields.

Please see http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/06/13/karl-heideck-analyzes-why-judge-wont-halt-philadelphias-new-salary-history-law/ for more.

Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car

Greg Aziz is current Chairman, President and CEO of National Steel Car; located in Hamilton, Ontario, it is known for being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of freight cars.

Based in North America, National Steel Car is one of the most popular companies worldwide. The company specializes in the manufacturing of railroad freight cars, the modern company is a leader in the industry because of how successful it has been.


National Steel Car has been in the industry for over a century, therefore, enjoying a well established reputation for having expertise on the subject. Since the 1990s National Steel has had an international reputation with clients all over the world.


Gregory James Aziz acquired National Steel from Dofasco it was his goal to make the institution one of the best in the United States. Greg Aziz worked hard to achieve his goal, making his company a leader in many areas, as well as winning the hearts of people throughout the United States and worldwide.


In the 1990s, when Greg J. Aziz first acquired the company, it was only producing about three thousand five hundred cars annually, now just ten years later the company is manufacturing over twelve thousand cars a year.


Regardless of the economic status of the country (and world) Greg James Aziz plans to continue working hard so his company maintains it top position. NSC is known for quality services, as well as being on top of the game with competitors nationwide as well as internationally.


National Steel Cars is prepared to welcome North America’s harmonized regulations to manufacture the next generation of safe rail cars for hauling flammable liquids. Due to the number of recent accidents in Canada and the United States, they are prepared to make the North American rail system as safe as possible. Visit This Link.


With the recent upgrading of their equipment, and hiring more than 900 employees, since October of 2014, National Steel Car believes that their increased productivity, and awareness towards safety will be a combined contribution to leaving a cleaner environmental footprint for North America.


National Steel Car believes that the people within the company is its greatest cornerstone. Because of these great people working so hard, National Steel is much more dynamic, diverse, innovative and values-driven than it has ever been. Constantly being challenged by ourselves, we continue to raise the bar for improvement. It is because of this that National Steel Car has the strength and focus on efficiency unmatched by any other rail car manufacturer.


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