Securus Technologies, Progress With New Partners

Securus Technologies, a company based in Texas and founded in 1986, has recently acquired GovPayNet. This company specializes in payment processing to governmental agencies. Among the different payments are those for bail, house arrest monitoring, traffic tickets and other court fees and fines. The company was started over 20 years ago by a Sheriff who saw an opportunity to make the process easier for everyone involved. Securus Technologies has a hand in nearly all different areas of correctional facility management but is most known for its telephone and video services provided for inmate connections with the outside world. In recent years, the company has worked to reduce the cost of calling to make it easier for inmates to connect with their loved ones.


JPay is a company that’s been involved in the technological side of corrections as well. Also acquired recently by Securus Technologies, the company has been working to get tablet computers into the hands of more inmates. These tablets provide educational software and a limited source of entertainment. This is valuable as inmates may want to sharpen their skills prior to finishing their sentences. JPay also has a hand in the wireless containment systems that cut off phone calls and texts from being sent by contraband devices. Since it’s nearly impossible to remove or prevent all contraband from entering, these devices make the phones useless to the inmates. The technology has already been tested and praised by those involved as being highly effective.


While there’s still much work to do, the consolidation of companies under Securus Technologies’ umbrella has helped to improve conditions already. Getting recognition with incredibly high customer satisfaction scores and also accreditation from the Better Business Bureau shows Securus Technologies is making swift progress. Being rated an “A+” by the BBB is just the start of a new generation of companies joining Securus Technologies in the race to the finish to be on top.


An insight into Securus technologies performance and accreditation

One of the leading tech firms, Securus technologies, was recently given an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau (BBB), a company outsourced to assess and audit business’ service delivery and performance. Securus technologies provide solutions in technical matters relating to civil and criminal affairs. Their services aim at stepping up the safety of the public, criminal investigations, corrections and monitoring.


The company’s deputy head of operations, Danny de Hoyos, reinstated the audit conducted on them by Better Business Bureau confirming that their performance is not a public statement but a fact that can be verified from past associations with the Texas bureau. The accreditation came as a voluntary act after successfully displaying the following incredible work related virtues;


  • Honesty
  • Trustworthy services and personnel
  • Positive track record in the markets
  • Transparency in all their dealings and transactions
  • Responsiveness to client’s queries and demands
  • Discrete in business dealings and vital information minimizing risk of fraud and leakage of private information


To promote better service delivery and client satisfaction, Securus set up a responsive 24-hour call center with the largest capacity that there is in the industry of two hundred and twenty call center personnel. The service did not only improve business-client relationship but also did boost Securus’ standards to meet the BBB accreditation standards.


Before becoming a part of Securus call center team, individual personnel are oriented on a one on one basis with BBB standards in mind. Equipped with the high BBB professional standards the call center staff can respond to approximately 2.4 million calls monthly scoring a client satisfaction star rating of 4.3.

Despite false statements from our competitors, whose performances are wanting for the longest time, our clients and other professional bodies who have worked one on one with us highly recommend our task delivery potential, backing up BBB’s accreditation.

Visit us at our Dallas headquarters for any legal and technical matters and meet our service staff who will diligently serve you.

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Securus Technologies joins fight against crime with hi-tech solutions

Many people not directly familiar with the U.S. prison system are surprised to learn the extent to which guards and prison administrators fight against crime on a daily basis. Even though the inmates are locked up most of the day, ongoing criminal activity is one of the most serious threats that penal institutions throughout the United States face.


One of the most serious threats that prisons face on a daily basis is that presented by illegal cellular devices. These means of communication, when placed in the wrong hands, could facilitate serious crimes. Illicit cell phones are often used by gangs to communicate with those on the outside, potentially enabling the introduction of contraband into the facility and even enabling crimes that take place on the outside of prison. There are many recorded instances of gang leaders ordering the murders of those on the outside, including witnesses and police officers, while they are incarcerated.


Because illegal cell phones pose such a dire risk to the safety of penal institutions across the United States, one company, Securus Technologies, has developed a system that enables the detection of any contraband cellular device inside of a prison. Called Stingray, this high-tech system is a direct adaptation of technologies that have been developed on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan by the U.S. Department of Defense. Initially used for targeting the communications devices and intercepting communications of enemy combatants, the Stingray system is now being used in the nation’s prisons to fight almost precisely the same problem.


So effective has the system proved to be that prisons where it has been deployed have reported that virtually all cellular devices not authorized by the prison itself have been completely eliminated. Prisons where the device has been deployed report that they are confiscating virtually no contraband cell phones during standard inmate detentions and searches.


Achievements of Securus Technologies

The high technology at Securus is second to none, thanks to its excellent team of highly skilled designers, hundreds of patients and scores of engineers. Securus Technologies has always been committed to offering the highest quality of products and services to ensure that their customers are fully satisfied with their services. Being the best provider of high tech software solutions, the firm has successfully given inmates an ample living as they can now easily connect with their loved ones. Besides, Securus Technologies has always been focused on their customers and have placed a high value on them. The firm offers the best services to them to ensure that they are fully satisfied.

Apart from providing security leads and emergency responses, Securus Technologies has always strived to provide inmate self-service solutions as well as giving public information regarding the safety in a particular area. The firm has a great technical support team that has a high dedication towards guiding the company’s customers on the right procedures to follow while using the wireless devices. Besides, the highly skilled engineers of the enterprise play a significant role giving a quick emergency response whenever there is any problem in the company’s technological systems.

Diversity has always been part of the firm, which has a high dedication towards offering a large number of products and services to their customers as they believe that it ensures that a business meets the needs of a diverse group of their clients. Though the company was founded in 1986, it has always put innovation at the forefront in all their operations, and with its great team of employees, Securus Technologies has always revolutionized its operation strategies into the most modern ones. This step has seen it move hand in hand with all the trending issues in today’s market. The firm looks forward to improving the level of security in most areas and introducing better features in their wireless devices to serve a broad range of their customer’s needs.


Services to the Correctional Facilities-Securus Technologies

Securus technologies is one of the largest companies that deliver products and services to the inmates and the correctional facilities in the United States of America. Ever since our inception, we have been at the forefront of delivering exceptional services which include management resolution, government services, parolee tracking. We pride ourselves on serving a large number of correctional facilities which are more than 3450 and about 1200000 inmates. We have extended our services which include telephone services to more than 45 States and District which include; Canada, Mexico, and Columbia. At Secures we are a known leader when it comes to innovation, technology solution as well as quality customer services.

We have been distributing civil and criminal justice solution for with the primary purpose of providing public safety, improvement, observing, as well as investigation. Our staff and management team led by Richard A. Smith have been working hard to see that they develop new products and services every week. We have been doing this to see that our esteem clients get the required services on time. Some of our customers are pleased with our products and services and every day we have been receiving emails and letters from them expressing their gratitude. Listed below are some of the letters and emails we have been receiving.

  1. Our LBS Software services in combination with other law enforcement bodies have been of great help to our clients who have said that using the service they have been able to recover millions of cash.
  2. Our investigative tools have been helping correctional facility to carry out investigation in the case of complaints or cases of harassment.
  3. Another happy client said that they listened to a conversation between an inmate and their family members and the telephone record will assist them in court case.

Our organization has its offices located in Dallas, Texas. We focus on offering reliable services as we connect other facilities by providing information, biometric analysis, communication and other services.

How Securus Technologies Solved a Recent Crime Spree

My job as a crime scene investigator changes from week to week. Some days we are hunting for the most dangerous fugitives, other times we are trying to piece together evidence to identify a suspect. This month we had a unique combination of both. A dangerous fugitive was on the loose, but we only had the clues that he left after the home invasions to go by. His techniques were the same in each robbery, so all we really had was his patterns of crimes to go by.


Without any solid leads, we were unable to reach out to the family or friends of the suspect, so my resources were very limited in this case. I thought if I went to the local jail, maybe if I described his actions to the inmates, someone would be able to point me in a direction. I learned a long time ago however that these inmates would rather have a longer sentence that cooperate with authority, so I had to keep trying in case I could break one inmate.


Around this time, Securus Technologies was in the jail installing a new inmate phone monitoring system. The call system was going to help officers in the jail listen more closely to how inmates talk on the phone and the LBS software was going to be able to alert officers if specific chatter was detected. It was around that time one of the officers came to me to say that my conversations with the inmates has really sparked some unique chatter on the phones.


One inmate was talking about how he was nervous I was there trying to connect him to our suspect, and that his family needs to lay low for a while. We staked out that residence and were able to identify that a person of interest was involved in the next violent home invasion and hiding at that residence.


Customer Service Expectations Were Exceeded With Leading Network Provider

Customer service is very important to telecommunications. When it is in regards to inmate communications, it is a matter of keeping the general public safe. Are you experiencing usually excessive dropped calls with your inmate provider network? Securus Technologies is known for providing a stable network that gives their customers more ways to save and more time to talk. They are the recent recipients of the Gold Stevie Award for a high level of customer service resolution. They were nominated with ten of the top inmate communications providers in the industry and were judged by a panel of over seventy-five judges.

A Closer Look At Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has expanded their network with a certification 1 that was awarded through the International Communications Commission. They want to ensure that inmates have a reliable network to communicate with their love ones around the world. You can now stay connected to your love ones overseas. They have also partnered with leading networks like JPay services and Vimeo to bring their customers additional services. Customers can now chat with their love ones over the internet face-to-face for a one time processing fee.

Securus Technologies

Inmate Voicemail

You’re invited to leave your love ones a message over a personalized access account through commissary. For a one time fee inmates can receive and retrieve messages at any time. They can transition for a life outside of a correctional facility including getting messages from perspective job prospects.

Inmate Online Photos

You can receive photos online that will allow inmates to follow the growth of your love ones, children, or friends. They can also print out those photos and have a tangible copy for their records.

You’re invited to become a part of Securus Technologies by visiting their exclusive website today.


Securus Saves over 65% of Correction Facility Time

Imagine reducing paperwork by 65% just by implementing an automated system that makes filing process easier. This is the reality Securus Technologies is unraveling to correction facilities all over US, Canada, Columbia and beyond.


The new technology by Securus is an automated filing system known as the Inmate Forms & Grievance Application. It will be accessible to prison officials and inmates through a sharing platform known as ConnectUs. Securus are confident that the new exercise to digitize data handling in correctional facilities will reduce manual labor by 65%, freeing up time to focus on more important things.


Every month Securus handles about 13 forms per inmate in any correction facility. This allows prison administration to keep as much data as possible on all their inmates and retrieve records instantly whenever convenient. Inmates also have the freedom of updating information, approved by the authorities via ConnectUs. It could be medical emergencies, application for parole, sentence reduction, visiting hours and authorized kin to visit, and so much more. In case there is an error on any form, the information can be easily corrected via the automated system.


By implementing the Inmate Forms and Grievance, Securus is giving a voice to inmates to express themselves and receive assistance. ConnectUs is all about improving the incarceration experience of every inmate no matter which correction facility they are in. To correctional facilities, installing the new automated system reduces cost of operation immensely whilst helping prison administrations manage their facilities and the inmates better.


The Inmate Forms & Grievance application setup bestows the power of expression and involvement to inmates keeping them updated on their requests. Convicts can know who is processing their requests, the status of the request, and when they can receive the service they asked for. There is no more living in the darkness for prisoners with regards to their welfare, and correctional facilities can now have a smoother operation process.

I Check On My Sister With Securus

Securus is this really great new app I discovered from a PR Newswire post that lets family and friends talk to inmates. My sister is doing a short stint in prison down state, and I check in with her doing video calls on the Securus app. It is really the best app I have ever downloaded, and it is helping me check on my sister while she only has a few months to go.
I just got the app, and then I was able to prove that I can do visitation with my sister. It is a secure system so we can have private conversations, and it feels great to check in with her and make sure we know what she is going to do when she gets out. I would not be able to get down to the prison at all because it is so far away, but now I can do the visitations with her just about every day. It has really helped, and my mom is doing the same thing. Sometimes we get on the same call so we can all talk, and Securus made the whole thing possible.

We were not sure how we were going to get to talk to my sister while she was down there, but this PR Newswire top rated app has helped our family stay together. We all the other has, and we want her to know that we are here for her. We have already planned how she is going to get a job and where she will stay when she gets out, and we can see that she is doing alright every time we call in. The video calls are really clear, and I can tell that it helps my sister know that she has people on the outside who believe in her. I bet all prisoner morale goes up when more people can talk to them using Securus.

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