Susan McGalla Inspires and Paves the Way for More Women Leaders

Every now and then, there comes someone who paves the way for more people to follow suit. These types of people achieve a lot in their lifetime. Among their achievements are running a successful business in the industry of their choice. Among the groups of people that have had their ways paved out for them are women. The one person to do this is Susan McGalla. She is a business leader and entrepreneur who has a great work ethic that takes her really far in her career. One of the reasons that she has such a good work ethic is that she is working in a field that she is very passionate about.

Susan McGalla has spent her career in the fashion industry. This is one of the best industries to be a part of because not only is one helping people find clothing to cover themselves, but they are also helping to present new styles to people that could flatter their bodies and make them feel really good about themselves. Susan has brought a lot of creativity to the companies that she worked with. As a result, the companies that she has worked with like American Eagle Outfitters has grown and reached new customers.

As a leader, Susan McGalla also speaks. She has laid down the path for other women to pursue paths of leadership. One thing that she does is focus more on her work. She does not talk about any type of entitlement that women have. One thing that she knows is that protesting about entitlements is not always going to be helpful. A better thing to do at the company is show a good work ethic so that people will be willing to promote the person to a higher position so that they can hold positions of leadership.