Dick Devos’ Incredible Philanthropic Activities

Based on my point of view, charitable activities can immensely transform the society that we live in. This is depicted through the works of Dick DeVos who has brought tremendous changes in the education sector through his contributions. In addition to this, the contributions towards the development of the John F. Kennedy Center for performing arts shows that contributions and involving in philanthropic activities can bring great changes to the community.


Based on a press release, the amount for the approved project is $139.9 million. The money is expected to cater for the pedestrian bridge, riverfront pavilion, and expansion of the center. The expansion is projected to include rehearsal spaces, dining space, pavilion, and education space. The campaign of achieving these changes commenced in the year 2013 with a set price of $125 million. $25 million was expected to cater for programming activities and $100 million for expansion activities.


Under assessment and scrutiny of the federal planning agencies, the construction and design cost rose to $119.5 million. I believe that the new set target will be easily reached because the society through the philanthropic organizations has shown their interest in the welfare of the community through supporting such educational institutions in the previous contributions. Based on the fact that all these funds will be contributed through donations, I believe that the country has at its heart the passion for arts.


Dick DeVos who is an individual who has shown his keen interest in philanthropic activities has spent his years of career working in numerous organizations. He has held executive positions in Amway and NBA Orlando Magic. Currently, he is the administrator of Windquest Group. With the several roles he plays, I believe that he is an important figure in shaping the economy of the country and even progressing the philanthropic activities.


Although I agree that Mr. Dick DeVos is an individual who is interested in developing the business sector, he is driven too by the heart of engaging in community initiatives. He is the founder of the Education Freedom Fund. It served as a platform for helping children realize their educational goals. Under his leadership, more than four thousand scholarships were awarded to underprivileged individuals in Michigan. In my point of view, he is a person who is interested in the welfare of the entire nation since supporting children through education entails preparing the future expertise adequately in all fields. Therefore, he is an individual who has at heart the philanthropic input to the society and the general welfare of the country too.


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