Dog Walkers Now Have To Have A License According To New Ruling In New York

Pet owners all over the country are in outrage over the recent ruling over dog walkers and dog sitters in the state of New York. According to this new ruling, dog walkers and sitters are required to have a license if they want to charge clients for taking care of their animals. People have begun taking to social media to talk about the new ruling and how it does not go by what the state’s notion of work and employment.

Dog sitters are now in a twirl about acquiring this license if they want to continue with their job. A lot of people who take up dog sitting do it as a part time job, which is why they feel like a proper license is a bit of an overkill when it comes to whether or not they can offer their skills and make money on the side. Numerous people have also pointed out that a good number of these people who partake in these kinds of jobs are high school students who just want to make a little pocket money on the side. Now, their simple acts of taking care of their neighbor’s cats are deemed as illegal, with a chance of punishment being conferred onto them.

Numerous websites like DogVacay are also facing a backlash because their users are now required to have a license before registering and offering their services. This has caused them to have to put in extra measures to ensure that this new law is enforced. This has caused a severe amount of losses for many people who are involved in this business.

Since the law was passed, numerous people have been issued notices for continuing their operations without a valid license. As of now, the state is making these offenders pay a fine of a thousand dollars.