Dr. Clay Siegall: A True American Icon

Being an icon is more than just being popular. Being an icon does require some popularity, but it’s more about making a difference or making an impact in people’s lives. This is absolutely what Dr. Clay Siegall has done over the course of 30 years. Dr. Siegall may be one of the most sough-after doctors in cancer research. He is the guy that seems to have all of the answers. Unfortunately, he does not have all of the answers, and he has never claimed to have had all of the answers. This man is an old-guard of the field, and he goes about his work in a specific fashion. Rigorous research, drug development and scientific research is the name of the game and no one else does it better.

Being the CEO for one of cancer research’s hottest organization isn’t easy. Seattle Genetics was founded in 1998. Since its birth, it has experienced its ups and its downs along the way. As of today, the company is grossing billions of dollars on an annual basis thanks to its phenomenal medications. Dr. Siegall has a strong passion for the work that he does. While in college, his father became ill with cancer. This disease ravaged his father’s body until his actual passing. “There had to be a better way,” said Siegall. Previous cancer treatments were extremely harsh on the human body, especially from chemotherapy. For the 21st century, Dr. Siegall and Seattle Genetics has ushered in a new system of treatments, and targeted-cancer therapies has been the weapon of choice in fighting this deadly disease.

Dr.Clay Siegall has provided great leadership for this organization of nearly 1,000 employees. Seattle Genetics has grown to be one of the largest employers in the Puget Sound region, and it has been visited by many high-profile individuals such as former-Vice President Joe Biden. In the end, Dr. Clay Siegall will surely go down as one of the brightest and biggest names in cancer research and that’s a guaranteed fact.

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