Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Revelation To A Longer Life

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute and had studied and conducted research in the area of cancer and its therapies, as well as the subject of aging and increasing the life span. Dr. Blagosklonny is well known for advocating for and spearheading the research for a drug called Rapamycin, which is considered to be a drug used in the fight against cancer, as well as contribution to increasing the human life span. To provide some background information on this drug, Rapamycin, also known as Sirolimus, it was first isolated on Bacterium found on Easter, Island bak in 1972. When discovered, it was first used an as anti-fungal agent. It was then abandoned as an anti-fungal, as further research showed that it possessed immunosuppressive and anti proliferative properties at tremendous levels. Immunosuppressive drugs are given to patients undergoing an organ transplant to prevent the body from rejecting the new organ. In such cases, patients can develop kidney disease, as a lot of these drugs can have an adverse affect on the kidneys over a long period of time.

Rapamycin is different from these drugs, as it shows lower levels of toxins that are harmful to the kidney, thus, making this a safer drug. Dr. Blagosklonny’s ongoing research has shown that Rapamycin aides in enhancing the immunity in the body to help battle the growth of tumors, promoting regression in those tumors at the same time. For these reasons, this drug serves as a great benefit to those patients who have undergone an organ transplant in the prevention of cancer. Although there is no conclusive evidence, it’s believed that this drug can also increase the human life span. In fact, when tested on elderly patients who took the influenza vaccine, initial results showed an immunological rejuvenation.

Dr. Blagosklonny continues his research in hopes of killing cancer cells without killing the good cells that help rejuvenate the mind, along with the body. No only does he want to cure cancer and expand the human life expectancy, but he would like to be able to provide this to patients who may not have the financial ability to participate in certain cancer treatments, because they are too expensive. He feels that cancer treatment should not have to be both excruciating and expensive as cancer treatment is at the present time. Dr. Blagosklonny has made great progress with his research and has been a tremendous influence in his field of expertise. He continues his research and hopes that he will inspire others to join him on his journey and continues where he may leave off, in hopes of creating a cost-effective treatment of a cure to cancer.