Dr Saad Saad’s humanitarian efforts

Dr Saad Saad first studied medicine at Cairo University School of Medicine. He later specialized in surgery in UMDNJ-University Hospital. He is certified by three bodies: the American Board of Surgery certified him for paediatric surgery and he is licenced by both IA State Medical and NJ State Medical License.

Dr Saad Saad serves as a resident surgeon in Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus. In his early years of practise, Dr Saad developed a habit of learning as much as he could from colleagues with more experience. This habit turned out to be the cornerstone in building his career. As years went by, he got numerous opportunities to put what he had learnt into practise. He was soon recognized by his peers as one of the most experienced surgeons in the area. As a result, most complicated conditions were referred to him.

His success in conducting successful surgeries attracted the attention of his fellow surgeons, humanitarian organizations and governments. Twice, when the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) could not find a surgeon experienced enough, turned to him for help. In 2002, the PCRF airlifted a 15 who has been shot in West Bank year old to the US for operation by Dr Saad. The doctors in Palestine managed to save his life but were unable to patch the holes and repair intestinal injuries. After seven hours of surgery, Dr Saad was successful.

In 2013, the PCRF came to Dr Saad again with a boy from Gaza who was hit by a bomb. As a result, one of the boy’s legs was paralyzed. After analysing the situation, Dr Saad came to the conclusion that the patient needed a nerve transplant surgery. Since Dr Saad Saad could not perform this kind of surgery, he used the resources at his disposal to make sure the boy got the best treatment. He found a qualified surgeon and facilitated the boy’s treatment.

After witnessing the skill and dedication Dr Saad demonstrated in his Job, the PCRF invited him to Palestine to conduct free surgeries to the poor. The PCRF is a non-profit, non-governmental foundation that helps Arab children in the Middle East get medical attention. During his career he went for 8 medical missions to the Middle East.

Dr Saad used his medical missions as an opportunity to pass his knowledge to young surgeons in the Middle East. His aim was to enable the local surgeons to give better services to their patients. During his Medical missions, he would work closely with local surgeons, instructing them on what to do. During his last mission, most surgical procedures were done by the locals. He had been successful in passing on his expertise.

The PCFR awarded him for his Humanitarian effort by giving him the Humanitarian award. He was also given the Gold Medal of Palestine for the work he did during his medical missions. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12