Eva Moskowitz Continues to Expand Success Academy

Eva Moskowitz is founder of Success Academy. She believes that charter schools are important to the success of teaching children. After over 100 hearings with the City Council Education Committee she decided to open Success Academy in 2006. She saw how schools were failing children in New York City.


She says children need strong effective teachers to succeed and a curriculum that challenges children to excel in their subjects. She thinks they need to know that teachers expect something from them. Children must be taught skills that help them succeed.


She says that at Success Academy the teachers teach math, English, science, chess, other subjects, and sports. They have to undergo strict training, work closely with other teachers, have workshops, and feedback on their work. The teachers are very responsive to parents and return phone calls within 24 hours.


Over 16,000 families applied to Success Academy with only 3,000 openings one year. Today they have over 41 schools that serve over 14,000 kids in New York City. Eva received the 2016 Savas Award for Private Public Partnerships from the Reason Foundations.


She has plans to continue expanding Success Academy to about 100 schools in the next decade. She believe the number of children in charter schools will increase or double in four years as more families seek higher quality education. The academy opens school in neighborhoods that have failing schools and their is a need for better education.


We look for a great need for better education and the space open a school she said. For example a building in Far Rockaway had enough rooms to open a school in an area that really needed better quality education.


She believes public education is for everyone and opens some schools in middle class neighborhoods. We want to serve the larger public and we believe in integrated schools. Eva Moskowitz continues her quest to expand Success Academy over the next several years.