FreedomPop, Committed To Delivering Quality And Affordable Services.

FreedomPop is an innovative and affordable communication service provider. The service that runs on ClearWire’s 4G WiMax network will reduce spending on phone and data bills. The firm which was founded in 2011 is committed to offering free fast wireless internet to everyone. Users get free texts to any US number, free calls to anyone in U.S and anyone around the world with a FreedomPop account. The free real U.S phone number can be used anywhere across the globe. The firm based in Los Angeles has 1M users in the US and is optimistic the U.K users will reach 1M in the next one year. It is introducing new products in the international market which will be used in U.S and Europe.

The 3G and 4G wireless data provider uses Sprints network and has a plan of 500MB 4G free data every month and contains a speed plus of $2.99 per month. After signing up with them, one puts a refundable deposit on one of the wireless hotspots. Other than the free plan it has monthly premier packages that are lower than their competitors. The basic 1GB costs $9.99, the Casual 2GB costs $17.99, Premiere 4GB at $28.99, Premiere 5GB and Premier 10GB costs $34.99 and $54.99 respectively. FreedomPop has other ways of acquiring free data which includes invitation of friends where one gets 10MB and completing one’s account and taking surveys.

According to a FreedomPop review, the firm is gaining popularity in the 25 countries that they have launched the global SIM card. It uses devices such as the Freedom Stick-Bolt, a USB stick that can be used on one device at a time. The Freedom Spot-Photon is a 4G wireless hotspot usable with up to eight devices at a particular time. The Freedom Sleeve Pocket turns an iPod Touch into an iPhone when plugged in and can also be used as a hotspot to connect eight devices. The Freedom Hub Burst uses a 4G modem and wireless router capable of connecting about ten devices. The Freedom Spot Overdrive Pro and the Freedom Spot MiFi 4082 have 3G and 4G services that cost $ 49.99 and $34.99 respectively. Freedom Spot MiFi 500 LTE uses the LTE hotspot at the price of $149.

The co-founders of the firm Steven Sesar and Stephen Stokols have managed to raise $109 Million, and they are also seeking new investors so that the company can grow globally. FreedomPop is backed by Atomica, DCM Capital, Mangrove Capital, Intel and Partech Ventures among other businesses.