How Effective the Partnership between OneLogin and Envoy is in SCIM Operation

Today, Envoy customers are a happy lot. Envoy, a San Francisco based software brand creates a program that allows the customer to enjoy fast, secure and productive business login. Recently, Envoy partnered with OneLogin and the two implemented the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) protocol. The protocol is specifically for boarding users and it aims at simplifying the user’s account management. The SCIM software allows the customer to enjoy an accelerated application as they are able to automatically access information pertaining to names, emails, and location details from the OneLogin directory. They can link the details to the Envoy account. The continuous synchronization enhances user management of the system through automatic updating of the profile details.

How Did One Login come up with SCIM?

OneLogin support open identity and standard management in their operations. They prioritize in providing developer toolkit and guides that make it easy for their users to sign into their accounts. Since there are a number of SaaS website visitor, the idea for SCIM was conceived. The SaaS vendors can be able to enjoy the flexibility that comes with the SCIM software in their data handling. They were thrilled to have helped Envoy in respect to the SCIM user application. According to them, SCIM is the way to go in the software business today.

About OneLogin

OneLogin is driven by 6 fundamental elements in the provision of software programs to their clients, namely:

  • Strengthened customer security service
  • Reduced data management costs
  • Entrepreneurial growth
  • User provisioning
  • Unified directory service
  • Mobile identity

Overall, OneLogin is a top software company that focuses on elevating the scales of their clients. They purpose to create faster and flexible data management system such as SCIM. Their priority is in enhancing secured and convenient data handling services between the brand and their customers. They are able to provide programs that are less complicated and that can be understood by the users.


Today, OneLogin is a reliable top software company not just in the US but globally too. The SCIM program demonstrates their effectiveness in customer service and data management. Because of them, Envoy is currently enjoying quality software operation.