How to Solve Company Disputes with Todd Levine

The current business environment is extremely competitive. It is not a surprise that many companies often find themselves butting heads with one another. There is where attorney Todd Levine comes into the picture. As a commercial litigator, his job is sorting out the facts and representing the client’s viewpoint in a court of law. He is a founding member of the Florida based law firm Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, & Levine, P.L. During a recent Blog Webpedia article, Todd Levine describes how he approaches each case.


An essential quality to being a good Attorney and commercial litigator is having a wide knowledge set. Todd Levine boosts his creative side through music and art on his spare time. An individual in his position has to be able to see the big picture. He needs to understand not only what his client wants, but what the other side is thinking. A deal can only be struck when some mutual ground is reached. Todd Levine finds the most successful strategy is determining the endpoint and planning backward from there.


A dispute between two major companies can be big deal, but Todd Levine has two additional options on the table. He can offer medication, where both parties agree to a set of terms. This often results in a better deal than if a judge is forced to hand down a ruling in court. He can also act as an Arbiter, where a selected representative figures out the dispute without the company names attached to the issue. In either case, he has a lot of tools he can use for cases.


The mix of business and law is always a tricky situation. As an attorney and commercial litigator, Todd Levine puts his client’s needs first. He wants each party to leave the case satisfied.