Infinity Group Australia Named One Of The Most Innovative

The Australian Financial Review is the go-to news publication for everything related to finance, financial services, and business in the land down under. Every year, the publication ranks what it believes are the most innovative companies on the continent of Australia.


Infinity Group Australia was recognized – out of a list of 100 companies considered to be the most innovative in Australia; the list is formally known as the Fin’s Top 100 Most Innovative Companies – as the 58th-most innovative company across Australia and New Zealand.


More than one thousand businesses across the two island nations were nominated by Inventium for spots on the top-100 list of bright, forward-thinking companies.


There are roughly 2.1 million businesses – they range in size from small businesses with no employees to the largest corporations in Australia – across the country, leaving Infinity Group Australia in an elite class of some of the best businesses in the land.


What is Infinity Group Australia?


Infinity Group Australia was created by Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm in 2013. As crazy as it might sound – especially for Infinity Group Australia being recognized as one of Australia’s most innovative businesses this year – Graeme first met Rebecca as a result of searching for a personal trainer.


Mr. Holm worked out under Rebecca Walker’s direction consistently for six months; six months into the pair’s trainer-trainee relationship, Rebecca agreed to go on a date with Graeme. It was there that the two found that they shared a passion for working in the financial services industry.


What do customers think of Infinity Group Australia’s service?


All across the proverbial board, Infinity Group Australia reviews are positive.


Australia is home to more consumer debt per capita than nearly any country on planet Earth, Infinity Group Australia was founded by Rebecca and Graeme on the basis of bringing fair financial services to all classes of Australians – not just upper-class Aussies. With passion fueling the fire of Infinity Group Australia’s operations, it only makes sense that the company would routinely receive top-notch reviews from customers.


On Google reviews, the company’s New South Wales headquarters has received reviews like “Very happy with the financial advice and the services [sic],” “Because of you guys I got my bearings straight [sic],” and “I’m quite pleased with the advice and services.” Learn more: