Involvement of Mark Baur in Venture Capitalism

Starting your own business nowadays is very hard owing to the competition and harsh environment. Despite this, there are still young people who are choosing this life in Switzerland being led by Mike Baur. With hard work and determination, Mike Baur believes that anything is possible. The good thing about implementing your ideas is that you have the ability to try out something new and something that you love. Mike Baur has created the Swiss Start-up factory to help these young people realize their dreams. He says that he created this venture to reduce the probability of making the wrong decisions. He also created the venture to finance promising ventures. Mike Baur remains committed to helping the young entrepreneurs grasp entrepreneurial basics from A to Z.


He has managed to make this dream a reality by partnering with other people such as Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. These gentlemen shared a common vision of establishing an accelerator that implemented a special business approach. These gentlemen together with Mike Baur established this venture in the year 2015 and remains a private enterprise since then. Mike Baur established a three-month accelerator program for the new entrepreneurs. The main mission of this program is to teach the young entrepreneurs good startup methodology and a good way of defining milestones. Finally, Mike Baur aims at helping the entrepreneurs reduce the time they spend on the market. It’s during this stage that the entrepreneurs receive the funding. They are then able to work with the various departments of the Swiss Start-up such as sales, technology, marketing, and finance.


All said and done, Mike Baur has recorded significant success for the time that he has being involved with this company. He has participated in the launching of three startups such as Diplomero, Diabird, and Hello Vegan. For starters, Diplomero has served as a platform for people to learn online in Switzerland. As for Diabird, this startup specializes with people suffering from Diabetes. Finally, Mike Baur has been part of the Hello Vegan that happens to be an online food shop that specializes in new products and recipes for people who live on vegetables in Switzerland.


Before venturing out to venture capitalism, Mike Baur used to be a banker in Switzerland, and he has 20 years of experience in this field. Some of the institutions that he has worked for include Clariden Leu and UBS. He also spends some of his time being a judge of the best startups in Switzerland.