Jacob Gottlieb is back with Altium Capital

Jacob Gottlieb is one of the successful investors in the healthcare industry. He is the former CEO of Visium Asset Management, a hedge fund that was closed a couple of years ago. He had built this company into one of the best hedge funds in the industry. However, he was faced by some challenges and was forced to close down. With success he had eared in other firms such as Merlin Biomed Group, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., and Balyasny Asset Management, he had an outstanding reputation as an investor, he never disappointed when he created his firm. Gottlieb had brought together a team of 20 investors and invested $300 million into the company. By the time of the collapse, it had made over $8 billion. Gottlieb has been keeping a low professional profile for the past few decades. He has been making sure that the operations of the other company have been fully shut down.

Under the leadership of Jacob Gottlieb, Visium grew rapidly, and investors enjoyed great returns. The firm was growing fast. From the 20 employers he had when starting, by 2016, it had 170 employees. It had also opened offices in New York, London, and San Francisco. Between 2013 and 2016, the company looked like it was on an unstoppable growth path after it doubled its assets. However, despite the success that was being witnessed, challenges were around the corner. The company was brought down by activities of rogue employees who went against the regulations and engaged in misconduct. Neither Jacob Gottlieb nor the auditors had detected what was happening until SEC intervened.

Jacob Gottlieb has spent the last few years outside the industry, but he is now back with another company. He has created Altium Capital which will be involved in healthcare investments.