Lime Crime Heads To The East

Lime Crime is a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic company designed for a young co-ed audience. Likewise to selling makeup for both genders and creating vegan-friendly products, Lime Crime’s latest bold business decision is related to international expansion. Lime Crime which is based in Los Angeles, California is recently launched in China last year (in 2017). Lime Crime ran into a couple of complications due to foreign policies and miscommunications. Among these policies was a mandate stating that cosmetics sold through wholesale must be tested on animals.

Due to the fact that this mandate conflicts with Lime Crime’s vegan principles, Lime Crime then decided to ship their products directly from the United States to avoid this foreign mandate. Despite how simple that decision seems it comes with even more complexities which would result in Lime Crime having to translate their taxes, manage duties, customer inquiries and international returns into a foreign language which could result into major miscommunications. In addition to these problems, Lime Crime had discovered that their lip topper product has over a million counterfeited units sold through marketplaces in China.

However, Lime Crime overcame the obstacles that come with adjusting to a new place. According to the Lime Crime Global General Manager, Kim Walls when discussing the company’s expansion at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Conference she stated that she was aware she couldn’t apply selling methods she’s used in the U.S for the location in China. By partnering with a Los Angeles based fashion e-commerce platform by the name of Revolve, Lime Crime solved their mandate and shipping issues because Revolve has already expanded to China. The partnership with Revolve also solved the counterfeit problem by combing each company’s audience and raising awareness to consumers that Revolve is the only source to the legitimate Lime Crime products in a China.