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There are many different schools of thoughts about leadership. It is believed leaders are born; imply they naturally have traits that make them great. There are those who stand that leaders are made through education and training. How so, a leader is defined by how do they are at establishing a roadmap and encouraging other to ship in and propel the vision. As James River Capital Corp has observed that a good leader is more than just a skill they need continuous development.


James River Capital identified three key things that define effective leadership in the corporate world today. A leader should not only lead by example but should also support his juniors. Researchers have found out that the critical mental shift from lead to supporting has brought satisfaction among workers. A leader should know how to interact with his team members, place value on each encourages and motivate them to be better. In the long run, their performance improves and that of the business too. Ideally, it is the small things leaders do that make the whole difference.


Effective leadership should encourage growth within their team. Ideally, the leader should be a person who develops their junior from better to best. If for instance, they have a creative idea they would like implemented. Do not brush it off, welcome them to escalate, have open communication channels, and be hospitable to encourage them to share more with you. On the contrary is they feel undermined, they will hold back brilliant ideas that could have otherwise broken the ground for the business. Working around in ensuring all psychological needs are met should be part of the bargain; everyone should air their voice.


In the same vein, a good leader understands that every opinion is important. A leader should encourage them and engage them in business decision especially those that affect them and are thought to be an obstacle in performing optimally. James River Capital has employed this leadership style and observed that the sense of inclusivity, value, respect and attention, help all team members engage more. If in a meeting, ensure all talk or participate including the quitter members as their opinion could be all the organization need to breakthrough. However, let everyone feel comfortable as intimidation may work adversely. Learnm more:


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